January 2017

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Job Fair Contact Leads to Copywriting Job

Networking at Bootcamp Job Fair helps Circle of Success member land full-time copywriting job with dream client.

Embrace the Lick of elBenbo's Whip, Copywriters

“Tone” can spell the difference between wild success and dismal failure. Study Ben Settle’s tone to see this copywriting truth in action.

Phew — You’re Really Cutting it Close This Time!

Time is running out but you can still save on Ben Settle's new program. Make millions writing just one email...less than 10 minutes a day...no clients...Get all the details and sign up here!

A Life-Changing New Copywriting Job on the Horizon for this AWAI Member

This AWAI Member needed an alternative to a typical day job to make ends meet. And they’ve found the ideal copywriting job to do it.

Six-Figure Copywriting Job in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Email expert Ben Settle will show you how to create the ultimate copywriting job. No clients, no hassle, and a six-figure annual income.

This Red Pen Method is the Easiest Way to Edit Your Sales Copy

Finding the “What’s In It For Me?” (WIIFM) angle in your sales copy is easy if you use the Red Pen method.

Why Marketing Junkies Fail

You might be taking too long to claim the writer's life that should be yours. Provocative and successful email marketer Ben Settle offers a solution.

The Most Common Questions About Ben Settle’s “Client-less” — and Lucrative — 10-Minute Workday

Rebecca Matter addresses the most common questions about Ben Settle’s brand-new program, 10-Minute Workday.

Achieve Online Writing Freedom with this Freelance Niche

Email expert Ben Settle has found the best way to work as little as possible, while making plenty of money. Learn how writing emails can earn you that online writing freedom.

The TAAC Rule for Dealing with Flaky Clients

Your clients are your bread and butter. So, what can you do when you run into an impossibly flaky one? Ben Settle offers a provocative solution.

Smart Self-Marketing Brings in Copywriting Jobs

This Circle of Success member uses effective client feeder system to bring copywriting jobs.

Yes You Can! Grab the Magic of The Writer’s Life

Discover how to go beyond your fear and grab the magic of the writer’s life with these insights from Elizabeth Gilbert.

The Definitive Secret to a 10-Minute Workday

If the thought of having your own business and spending as little as ten minutes a day working sounds like a comfortable way of living to you, learn more about Ben Settle's program - and save $1,350 today!

Ben Settle Tells Why You Must Get Busy Writing or Get Busy Dying

Every day you don’t write, Ben Settle tells us, your ideas are dying on the vine.

5 Reasons Content Marketing is Here to Stay

Content marketing offers rich opportunities for any writer who enjoys writing straightforward copy. But will it last? Here is Gordon Graham’s answer.

3 Steps to Finding Influencers in Any Industry

If you want your content marketing efforts to resonate strongly with your target audience, then finding influencers should be high on your priority list.

How “Writing to Explain” is the Foundation of Content Marketing

Do you cringe at the idea of having to tap into your prospect’s deepest emotions? Gordon Graham says you can still be a successful copywriter…

Learn These 12 Writing Projects in 12 Days

If you've been looking for a niche where you can learn all the ins and outs AND start quickly getting projects and landing clients - look no further. Save $100 NOW on Gordon Graham's Crash Course in B2B Content!

Understanding These 4 Types of Writing Will Lead You Faster to Well-Paid Writing Assignments

Many copywriters believe only one type of writing will bring them the writer's life. Master Copywriter Gordon Graham has a different perspective.

How to Get Copywriting Royalties on Every Copywriting Project You Land

Royalties are coveted by copywriters in all niches, yet are hard to negotiate. Roy Furr explains how to get royalties on all your work.

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