April 2017

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Free “Open House” Webinar: Three AWAI Members Reveal Their Secrets to Six-Figure Success

Join us for a live “Open House” Webinar to learn all about AWAI’s Circle of Success membership. Host Katie Yeakle will be joined by three COS members who reveal their secrets to six-figure success, and how you can follow in their footsteps.

One-Stop Shop for Web Copywriting Jobs

Join an exclusive members-only job board to get access to high-paying copywriting jobs.

How the “Power of Belonging” Will Enrich Your Writing Career

Will Newman says he’s not a joiner. Yet, he can honestly say all the great things in his life — including success — have come from groups he’s joined.

Are Large or Small Companies Better Copywriting Clients?

Do large or small companies make the best copywriting clients? Steve Slaunwhite looks at the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Get a Plan to Land High-Paying Copywriting Jobs

Joshua Boswell wants to give you a personalized plan for landing your pick of copywriting jobs and building a long-term freelance business.

Your Top Questions about Online Copywriting Answered

Interested in writing for an industry experiencing 20% growth every year? Here Rebecca Matter answers some questions you may have about becoming an online copywriter.

3 Stages to at Least DOUBLING Your Writing Income with Every Client

A common belief among copywriters: If I want to make more money, I need more clients. Expert web copywriter Nick Usborne tells why this simply is not true.

3 Reasons Why I’d Rather Be Starting My Career as an Online Copywriter Right Now

Nick Usborne started as an online copywriter 19 years ago. Was that a huge advantage? He doesn’t think so. Read why he wishes his career started now.

Content, Search, and Social: The Team Approach to More Traffic

Content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media. When you integrate all three, you set yourself up for massive targeted traffic.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Sherri Caldwell

Sherri Caldwell was ready to turn writing into a paying career. Read about the discovery that showed her how she could make money doing something she loves.

A Hidden Gem That’ll Change Your Future as a Copywriter

Most people would agree with the portrayal of writers as solitary people. But here’s why “doing it all” without help isn’t a good strategy for writers.

The Income Secret AWAI Has Known for 20 Years

Low-paying jobs have become the new norm in America but you can escape this altogether by pursuing a career as a well-paid and well-trained copywriter.

3 Easy Conversations that Land You Copywriting Clients

No client is ever found without some sort of communication. Here are three easy conversations that land you clients from AWAI member Logan Goodrich.

Announcement: $335 Billion Market Open to Beginning Copy and Content Writers

Tap into the perfect “beginner” writer’s market that’s set to grow to $335 billion in just three years… and could hand you an endless stream of high-paying assignments from just ONE client! With the ongoing demand at an all-time high, companies are willing to work with beginning and professional writers who can complete short, straightforward copy and content projects.

Replay Now Available for Free Online Learning Event! Learn to Write for the Web — and Begin Taking on 27 Different Types of Well-Paid and In-Demand Writing Projects

Writing for the Web provides a wealth of opportunity. If you'd like to learn more about how to break into a niche with demand at an all-time high, listen to the free playback of an online learning event featuring Rebecca Matter and web pioneer Nick Usborne.

AWAI Member Finds Copywriting Jobs in His Community

Mike Christie didn’t have to look far to find his first two copywriting jobs ever. These clients were in his local community and in dire need of good copywriting to jazz up their marketing.

How I Gained Confidence to Say “Yes” to The Writer’s Life — and How You Can Too

With support and help from AWAI and the many resources they offer, you can turn your lack of confidence into a thriving writing career.

3 Crucial Steps for Getting Traffic to Your Copywriting Website

With Google cluttered with websites related to writing, how do you get traffic to your freelance website? Here are three secrets to bring clients to you.

The Key to Negotiating the Steps to Success

Many copywriters make a common mistake negotiating the steps to success as a B2B freelance copywriter. But do this one thing and you’ll achieve your goals.

Find High-Paying Copywriting Jobs Consistently

Joshua Boswell will be your mentor as he helps you set up a system for bringing in high-paying copywriting jobs automatically.

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