I Want to Meet YOU in Person

Will Newman

I hate travelling.

I’ve told you this before, but if I have to go more than a couple of hours away from my cave in the mountains, I’m an unhappy bear.

I buck it up when traveling five hours to visit family. Once there, I lose my grumpiness.

But, grrrr …

Why, then, do I look forward eagerly to a trip in October taking two days and covering 2,867 miles (if lucky)?

It has to do with people.

Which is even more surprising. Call me a curmudgeon. Call me an introvert, but I’m not fond of hanging out among people. At least not usually.

But these people I’m eager to see are special friends I’ve made over the past 10-plus years.

These are special friends like Carline Anglade-Cole.

I’d known Carline's reputation as a top copywriter for years before meeting her in person the first time three years ago. I was more than a little nervous to meet her. After all, she’s so “A-list,” she’s even written direct mail for Oprah! And I’m in awe of her great skills and success.

No need to be nervous. Carline is one of those rare individuals who makes you feel like you've been friends for many years when you first meet her. And I've seen this quality many, many times. And with many different types of people.

And I always look forward to meeting up again with Bob Bly.

If anything, Bob is more of an introvert than me. But that’s never stopped him from being generous with his time every time I see him. Bob, like Carline, willingly shares every little bit of his expertise with those who ask.

But, truth be told, that's not why I wanted to meet him the first opportunity I got six or seven years ago.

I wanted to meet Bob because he is the one person who’s responsible for me being a copywriter today. I got where I am because of Bob's book Secrets of a Freelance Writer.

I'm also eager to catch up with Mike Palmer again this year.

Mike’s built Stansberry Research (a part of Agora) into a huge direct-marketing powerhouse. He’s the copywriter behind the ultra-successful End of America sales letter that generated hundreds of thousands of new subscribers.

Every time he presents, I’ve walked away with new ideas for my own writing. And as with all the other presenters at Bootcamp, Mike is always free with his time, answering questions and encouraging attendees whenever possible.

Of course, one group I'm excited about seeing are my many friends from AWAI.

Katie Yeakle. Rebecca Matter. Cam Irish. And every single one of the AWAI crew greets me with open arms (literally), joy, and enthusiasm.

Every one of them makes me feel like they’re welcoming me personally. Because they are.

Funny thing, though, this is how they greet every single person at the event I've traveled 2,867 miles to attend.

I didn't leave Denise Ford's name off the list of the AWAI crew. I had to acknowledge her separately, because she's been such an intimate part of my life with AWAI.

Oh, there other names I'd love to include. Space does not allow.

But there is one person I am really looking forward to meeting this October after traveling out of my cave in the mountains.

That person is you.

As much as I love learning from the Master Copywriters and seeing the wonderful AWAI team, they aren't the reasons I truly look forward to going to Bootcamp every year.

Instead, it's people like you.

I've never known a group so eager to learn and so willing to ask questions. As a teacher, those two qualities distinguish Bootcamp participants. Those two qualities make traveling a joy.

I hope to see you there. So, if you're able to make it this year, please come by and introduce yourself.

And if you've got questions? At heart, I'm a teacher, and good teachers love answering questions. I’ll do my darnedest to answer yours.

Please comment below to tell us your thoughts about today’s essay. Before you do that, why not take a minute to reserve your seat at Bootcamp? I’d love to meet you in person and hear about the progress you are making in your copywriting career.

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Published: May 9, 2017

19 Responses to “I Want to Meet YOU in Person”

  1. Hello: I don't have a career in copywriting of any kind, I've just been blessed with writing Christian poetry and enter contest when I can. A gift/blessing from God, I am a poor poet with serious health issues since birth, I don't travel except to see doctors.Sorry about not meeting you & others as well. I love to write,yet unable to start a career. God Bless you.

    [FROM WILL: Just because you haven't been paid for your poetry, doesn't mean you don't have a writing career. You can turn it into a paying career by investigating how to earn money with your poetry. Have you thought about compiling your poetry into an ebony? Consider this and good luck. ]

    Guest (Karen Jeffers)

  2. Hello Will, I noticed your click here link in todays article, requesting feedback for this particular article.
    You're an excellent persuasive writer, paired with a fantastic marketing team.
    I do hesitate when there is too much literature, convincing me that this opportunity is almost too good to be true.
    I really hope that you're not false advertising and pulling strings, to get others to latch on to false hope. It's a really tough world out there and money is so tight. A lot of the people you are marketing to, myself included, might just be needing that one lucky break but have no hope and no money to proceed. I hope you aren't taking innocent money for your own gain.

    [FROM Will: please see my comment at the end of these responses.]

    Guest (Hello)

  3. Hey Will - Deb Jeffers back on the grid! (giggles) Life has been wonderfully busy, but I I need to stay plugged into the AWAI network. Can't wait to do a "reset" ... so, I look forward to seeing you again at Bootcamp! Blessings! <><

    [And I look forward to seeing you, too, Deb.]


  4. I want the Opportunity to work with AWAI, to be Financially secure and stable and to live the Writer's Dream! I definitely want the chance to experience more in life right now and be Successful on my own with through AWAI.

    Guest (Jacque)

  5. Hello dear Mr Will Newman,

    I thank you so much for the invitation"Meet you in person".
    I would like to meet you too but it is not possible for me to come to USA.I live for about 15000 miles away from you.But even if i had money enough to buy a flight ticket i never get visa for USA,because trump had forbidden it to 7 countries the entry visa for USA.
    However thanks a lot for being so kind.I am still learning English.I improved my skill in English.

    Ali Rely.

    Guest (ali rely)

  6. Thank you for your letter & the information about the bootcamp. I am interested, however I will need a little more time to explore my own thoughts. I will respond at a later date.

    Regards, Rueneta Barclay

    Guest (Rueneta Barclay)

  7. I love the real "you" introvert factor that encourages the real me to emerge. Wherever I am, I feel confident to just walk up and be a part of the introvert team that is ready to embrace others and come out of the copywriting sort-of-solitary shell. Let's not kid ourselves, writing is by its own virtue lonely, fulfilling, and yes, connecting. Thanks for sharing your inside story.

    Guest (Nancy M)

  8. I really enjoyed your letter today. I've put off enlisting your support because I was busy. Now I'm not, but I have two current reasons for being hesitant: I have had two strokes. The strokes have been long time past. But I still wonder if I'm ready to do this. Do you think I can?
    Sincerely Louise

    [FROM WILL: Hello Louise, at the risk of sounding a bit cliché, I can honestly say that no one is ready to make the giant leap to a new career. The secret is making that leap anyway. Your readiness improves as you continue on your journey. So, my advice: make the leap now. Best of luck.]

    Guest (Louise E Auclair)

  9. I wish.. but unfortunately due to circunstances i dont think i will

    Guest (lloyd west)

  10. Dear Will, Great essay I just received from you. I am probably quite similar to you in makeup, I have also enjoyed all the Awai folks that contribute and mentor us newbies. I am so new that I don't fully understand all the copywriting involves. I don't spend enough time with it because of many distractions I have. However, If I could afford it, I would definately attend the bootcamp! I do hope to start earning an income from Copy writing asap. I am 74 yo and just starting in this business.

    Having many years experience in industry, I hope I can make some contacts with industrial clients that could use my expertise and knowledge. Hopefully I can learn enough about this great opportunity fairly quickly and enjoy the people and benefits

    Fly For Fun

  11. Hi Mr. Newman:

    Thanks for that very pleasant and informative email. I too, would like to meet you in person. Here's the situation. All kinds of ideas are floating around in my head. There are numerous subjects to explore and even more to write about, but I must pick up the pace. Once I've really started, then I would be equipped financially to attend those boot camps you speak of. Attending one of AWAI's Boot Camps is high on my priority list.

    Thanks Again, Lynn77


  12. Will, What a heartwarming letter !
    Just what I need , w/ a ton of spring woods & field work / blackflies / barely buds / and yet still snow flurries here in the far NE... Cannot make it to Boot Camp , due to a recent trespass by aggressive loggers , just barely repelled them . If I leave here for long they will raze my woods , my whole raison d'etre. I finished the 6 - figure Accel course and LOVED IT! Just as I feel I know y'all at AWAI . Be in Touch , Barb

    Barbara McC

  13. Hi Will,Bootcamp is the Place to meet, some of the great copywriter's,AWAI has turn out.too meet Some of The writers,tongue hanging out, mouth wide open, can't breeth, know telling,who might scream,at Bootcamp.


  14. Hello Will! As always, I enjoyed your letter from yesterday. I try not to miss any of daily missives. I must say, that after reading them now for a year or so, I feel we are "kindred spirits", as I find myself in agreement with most of your opinions, likes, and dislikes. In fact, I actually took your advice from yesterday's letter and registered for this year's bootcamp, and look forward to meeting you there! Until then, take care and thanks once again for your daily "words of wisdom"! - Jim=-

    [FROM WILL: Hi Jim. Be sure to remind me of your post when you introduce yourself. I look forward to seeing you there.]


  15. Dear Will, Many thanks for an inspiring letter. I'm very glad to tell you I've reserved my place at Bootcamp in October. It will be great to say hello to you there, if possible. My next move is to go to Toronto to meet Joshua Boswell. A one day education. Will also be really exciting. Now I wish you a pleasant May weekend.
    Best regards Bo Tjellstrom Norrkoping Sweden

    [FROM WILL: Hello Bo. If you're able to make it to Delray Beach travelling from my grandmother's homeland, I guarantee we'll meet if you seek me out and grab me by the lapels. I look forward to meeting you!]

    Bo Tjellstrom

  16. Hi Will!
    I'm new to copy writing as well. I actually bought the accelerated course 5 years ago, and it somehow got put aside.
    Well, I picked it up again a month or so ago and DOVE RIGHT IN! I am a COS member (going to boot camp... yeah!) and I am currently enrolled in Carline's intensive.
    Can't wait to meet you and all the other folks I've read about.

    Guest (Sherri Friesen)

  17. Dear Will, My message is a tiny reflection from the sounding board of my emotions,thank YOU!
    Delightful messages present bright colors to my soul, body, brain,never resting inspirations, as if, the heaven sources put renewed energy into passion.The butterfly’s wings turn into the eagle’s stormy,mighty arms.Conquer the time, everything feels right, no finances, no distance, no responsibilities, only writing, imaginations as magnificent as the RAINBOWV itself, untouchable,fascinating, extremely interesting, visited on the parlor of the SKY – the marvelous shared hat for each of us.
    Those golden minutes look like the burning candle,last as long as my dream candle incinerates,may be until OCTOBER?
    Gorgeous dreams paint the beautiful life

    Guest (Mzia Lezhava)

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