15-Minute Exercise Helps Seven-Figure Copywriter Write 4 Promos a Month

Joshua Boswell

Not long ago, I found myself sitting next to one of the most successful copywriters of our time.

He has produced dozens and dozens of controls and promotions.

His base fee is $20,000 for a sales letter and he takes a 10% royalty on all sales. The net effect is that he makes a solid seven-figure income and lives a wonderful lifestyle.

He told me that he produces 5-15 promotions each month.

“How is that possible?” I asked, “You must write faster than Flash Lightning runs!”

He laughed.

“Well, to tell you the truth, I only personally write about 3 or 4 promotions a year. The rest are done by my Copy Cubs.”

I was shocked.

“Wow. Are they any good?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. Most of them are great.

“But one of them practically outproduces all the rest of them combined. He’s incredible. And he’s fast. He can crank out 3-4 really great full-length promotions in a month.”

Again, I was astonished.

I replied, “Okay, you’ve got to tell me. What’s his secret?”

“That is exactly what my other Copy Cubs wanted to know. So, I asked him if he would do a training webinar for everyone and share his secret. He agreed.

“Now, you have to remember that I track the stats of all my Copy Cubs and post results. So everyone knows who is winning and what kind of work they are producing. But, none of them have actually met each other. They are spread out all over the world.

“So, this was the first time I actually had them all on the phone, live, talking with each other.

“We got on the call and I said, ‘Okay, Jack, tell them your secret.’

“Then Jack said, in his best English — which is actually terrible, ‘Every day, I spend 30-90 minutes hand copying best promos I find.’

“There was dead silence. I was laughing hysterically inside. It was the first time that everyone realized that Jack could barely speak English. His native tongue is Chinese. This Chinese guy was crushing all these highly trained, cocky English speakers.

“Finally, one of the other Cubs piped up, ‘Okay, so what else do you do? What’s your real secret?’

“Jack said, ‘Oh, I sorry, I not explain good. I take the best promos I find and copy them. That is secret. Every day.’

“No one believed him, except one guy. He took it to heart and went after it with a vengeance. A few months later, he and Jack were running neck-and-neck with each other. The other guys just won’t do it, so they keep lagging behind.”

The story inspired and amazed me. This one simple, easy, daily task turned a Chinese-speaking guy into a superstar copywriter.

The funny thing is this … How hard is it to hand copy a promotional letter? You don’t even have to think or break a sweat.

It seems too simple, too easy … so most writers don’t do it.

But, if you did, I promise you, it would change your life.

Why? Because it would change the caliber of your writing.

With better writing comes better clients.

Better clients always means better pay.

Better pay usually comes with the same or less time commitment.

And, of course, less time commitment and better pay means a way, way better lifestyle.

If you read my article on Friday, you’ll know what I mean when I say that this daily, simple activity is 860 milligrams of active material ready to create an awesome financial firestorm in your life.

Will you do it?

I’m challenging you to set aside just 15 minutes each day and hand copy really good persuasive writing.

If you own The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting (and you SHOULD own it!!), AWAI has the famous “Hall of Fame” collection that gives you 50 award-winning promotions. Plus, they have 30 other super-successful pieces of copy.

That’s 80 in total.

If you copy and recopy one per week, spending just 15 minutes a day, then you will have over 18 months of winning writing to copy.

Easy to do.

Easy not to do.

Little things make a big difference.

Start today and contact me in a year when your writing, your income, and your life have changed forever. I’d love to hear about it. :)

I promised to give you two really easy things to do that would help you enjoy an amazing writing career …

Tomorrow I will give you the second one.

It is an easy thing you can do to attract clients. It is part of my “Inbound Marketing System” that entices really great clients to come to you, instead of you chasing them.

Like today’s activity, it will cost you just 15 minutes a day … but the impact will potentially change your life forever.

I know it has changed (and is changing) mine.

The AWAI Method™

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Published: May 22, 2017

8 Responses to “15-Minute Exercise Helps Seven-Figure Copywriter Write 4 Promos a Month”

  1. I did't find that very clear at sll - it "sounded like" plagiarism to me. Is it really saying that the superstar just copied other good copy or was the suggestion that "hand writing" excellent copy" retrained the brain to produce higher quality work?


  2. Hi Will and Joshua, time to do my Hall of Fame, an start my homework on them.thanks

    Guest (Darrick)

  3. Where are the other 30 great promos Joshua talked about. How can one access them?

    I already have the 50 great ones he mentioned.

    Clara Mae

  4. Newbie here: I know I Can Write, Have Written Various Publication Type Works And A sm Book, Which received Wonderful Comments From Friends,Also Have Done My Own PRO-SE Work In Several State Courts,Briefs Etc. And I have Four Titles I'm Dying To Get Into --- My Problem is That:
    In Resorting To Using The Library Computers, I'm Limited In Time And Truly Prefer To Use My IBM and Or Handwriting @ Home.
    And I Just Don't Know Where To Go Once I Have Something Typed.

    Guest (APRILLE JM)

  5. Thank you Joshua. I am guilty of going down the easy-not-to-do path. I'm ashamed to say that I bought the Accelerated program in Feb 2009 but have only read about 1/4 of it. My excuse was that kind of writing was too "hypey" for me.
    Needless to say ... I still haven't launched my writing career, even though I would love to.
    I wonder where I could have been had I used the last 8 years wisely, rather than finding excuses!


  6. I still don't understand: How does hand copying promotions help develop one's ability to write good copy? Isn't copying just copying? What would be different?


  7. Schalk, I bought my program in 2003. I feel your pain. My problem is finding the time. After working a full day, I'm too tired when I get home. I've tried to make a commitment to work on the course for an hour a day. Sadly, something else always takes my attention. Lets make 2019 our year to commit and achieve the success we dreamed of when we bought our programs.

    Guest (Liz)

  8. Thanks for the reminder, Joshua. This is covered more than once in the Accelerated Course.
    Getting right on it. Right Now. With its own dedicated notebook.
    Thanks again.


    Beth Jones

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