A Tribute to Chris Marlow:

  • Founder of The Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters
  • Known for her warm approach to coaching
  • Delivered a blend of practical guidance and inspiration
  • Coached many writers in the AWAI family

On April 18, 2019, I was shocked when I saw this Facebook post by fellow copywriter Richard Armstrong:

“I note with sadness the passing of Chris Marlow. A friend to freelance copywriters everywhere, she was an expert on the pricing of copywriting projects. I never knew her personally, just by her sterling reputation. Coincidentally, I had just emailed her a week or so ago to ask for a favor, which — despite being gravely ill, apparently — she willingly and enthusiastically granted. Buon anima, as they say in Italian. There goes a good spirit.”

It was hard to believe, and still is. Chris was one of those industry leaders who found joy in everything — exhibiting a positive energy to all — and a woman who understood the value of upbeat, “go for it” self-promotion for freelancers. She made a major difference to me in my budding freelance career … and she made quite a mark on our entire industry.

Chris was a 30+ year veteran as a direct-response copywriter, and for about 15 years, she devoted herself to helping copywriters find niches often hidden from view and low in competition. She was the founder of The Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters, a step-by-step course teaching sophisticated lead-generation to find great clients.

I first met Chris back in 2006, when I was launching my freelance life. She helped me consider what I wanted to do and then go for it. Following her lead, I gained confidence in my value to clients and knew exactly how to open doors for myself. To this day, I still use some of the tools and lessons she provided me, and I know I’m not alone.

Fellow copywriter and freelance marketing business coach Ed Gandia went through Chris’s program. He said,

“One of the biggest things Chris gave me was confidence in myself when I needed it most. When I started working with her, things were very difficult because I had tried to launch my business using what little information was out there … and it didn’t work. When all this effort didn’t pan out, I started losing hope. Then when I hired Chris, one of the first things she gave me was that hope that I can make this happen. That was huge. It was new fuel that drove me to take the steady, continual action to make things happen. She was incredibly supportive, kind, and smart. I'm going to miss her.”

Chris was also a speaker at AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp, and I had the honor of introducing her at one of our events.

She was genuinely caring when it came to copywriter success. It shows in the regard copywriters have for her, as demonstrated by these selected Facebooks posts that reflect the sentiments of many others.

“So sorry to hear of this. Lori and I have very fond memories of a wonderful evening spent with her in Palm Springs a couple of years ago.” — David Deutsch

“I worked with her several years ago as her virtual assistant. She was incredibly kind and generous. My heart is so sad to hear of her passing. Good journey, Chris Marlow … you will be missed.” — Loralei Matisse

“I've always admired Chris. She was not only a talented copywriter — especially in the B2B space — but also a great mentor. I know many successful copywriters today who launched their careers via her coaching. She'll be missed.” — Steve Slaunwhite

“She was a wonderful person and a great copywriting coach and mentor.”

“I enjoyed her posts, learned something new each time. Shocked beyond words.”

“I spoke with her once by phone, but always admired her from afar. This is such sad news … a good one, gone too soon.”

“Oh, I am gutted :( She was always nice to me and helpful. Thank you for letting us know.”

“I’m so sorry to see this. I met her at my first Bootcamp and stayed in touch for a while.”

“I loved her pricing book and I still use her template as my proposal and fee agreement regularly.”

“Chris was one of my earliest Bootcamp friends. This makes me so sad. I had no idea … she and her loved ones will be in my special prayers.”

“I had several wonderful interactions with Chris over the years. A special lady to be sure. Prayers for her family and circle of friends as her soul takes flight.”

“I did some coaching with Chris several years ago and I had no idea she was ill. This is very sad. I really admired Chris and I'm devastated to hear this.”

“What a total class act. And a warrior of a woman.”

Shawn Day Dady was a close friend of Chris and her family. She posted this message after speaking with Chris Marlow’s sister, Marci Shuman.

“Apparently, a couple of weeks ago, Chris was having problems breathing. It got worse by the day. She thought she might’ve had bronchitis and went to the Emergency Room last week. They also thought she had bronchitis and sent her home for a couple of days with antibiotics.

When she wasn’t improving, Chris went back to the Emergency Room and they put her on oxygen when they found that her lung function was very low.

Unfortunately, they found masses in her lungs. They did a biopsy and sent it off for testing results, but at that point, Chris knew that it was probably a recurrence from her breast cancer. She was resigned to go and she was at peace.

She had a visit from her pastor the day before and they spoke at length.

She died in the arms of her dear sister Lori, a couple of days later. It was all very quick. She was lucid and remained Chris the whole time. She was in absolutely no pain.

Marci wants everybody to know that she appreciates your prayers and love.

Chris Marlow was a beautiful soul who we all loved very much.

She was one of the giants in the copywriting industry. She was there from the beginning.

We will miss her dearly. I will miss her dearly.

{Feel free to copy and paste this to all the copywriter Facebook groups that you can. Chris touched many lives.}”

I’m so grateful to have known Chris, and I’m in great company with those who also knew her.

From all of us here at AWAI, may she rest in peace, surrounded by the warm spirit of a community who loved her.

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Published: April 25, 2019

10 Responses to “A Tribute to Chris Marlow: The Original Copywriter’s Coach and a Friend to the Direct-Response Marketing Community”

  1. I never got a chance to meet her. And I can see that she was a gem in the copywriting community.


  2. My condolences.
    She has given many much guidance and for some, she made a difference in their lives.
    She will be missed.

    Guest (Francis Ardi)

  3. In 2010, I opened an email from Chris. The subject line: "This has been the worst year of my life." Although I didn’t know her, I had an urge to pray for and encourage her, which I did. In spite of all the things going on in her life, she took the time to encourage me. (My dad had just passed.) She told me she had printed what I had written to her, "so she could read it often." That meant so much to me. Words can really make a difference in someone’s life. I’m thankful our paths crossed.

    Patricia Duncan

  4. When I read of someone like Chris, it makes me grateful for people like her. It inspires me to be a better person. How we treat people? This is what they'll remember. Thank you Chris, for reminding us how to live. My deep condolences for those whose lives she touched.

    Kelcey Taber

  5. Does anyone know if there is someone handling her estate and business? I've been a student of hers and only found out she passed when I tried to access some of her online courses. This is really shocking and sad.

    Guest (K)

  6. This may help. Her sister Marci Shuman posted a tribute on Facebook. You could ask her to friend you on Facebook. facebook dot com / marci.ebelingshuman

    Guest (Pam Foster)

  7. It's still very sad to hear about Chris Marlow. I was also a student of Chris Marlow's.Does anyone have any information on how to access the online courses?

    Guest (G)

  8. I cannot believe I'm only hearing about this now. I am crushed. I'd worked with Chris 1 on 1 for about 12 weeks into the beginning of this year. She was wonderful to work with - supremely insightful and forever positive. I an truly saddened by the news. Cherish every moment, with everyone you meet.

    Guest (Tim DIering)

  9. I want her sisters to know.

    I and Chris exchanged emails.

    I even reviewed some of her ebooks such as the pricing toolkit and was amongst the first few to give her a review on Amazon.

    I have been searching online for the excel sheet where she mentioned prices of each service, and this is how this post turned up.

    What has happened is tragic, and I have never got a chance to meet her personally.

    She will well be dearly missed by copywriters and marketers like me.

    She left an impression that's hard to erase.

    My condolences to her family and I wish her to rest in peace wherever she is.

    Chris I will miss you.

    I love you Chris.

    Guest (Ronak Shah)

  10. Amen to all prayers for her and her family. Just started a research about her, just this night, I think 2hrs ago and I already feel attached. God bless her soul and others she blessed with her wisdom. Amen.

    Guest (Esther Eze)

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