Living the Writers Life: Max Latimer

What do you do for a living now?

I work for a company called The Influencer Project. We help people create million-dollar lead generation systems on LinkedIn. Now, the LinkedIn part is the easy bit. My focus is on coaching and mentoring business owners on how to build a sustainable, process-driven business off the back of the work we do on LinkedIn.

What were you doing before you found that company?

I’d hit a tipping point. I’d had enough of working in jobs I really enjoyed in the beginning but then fell into the mind-set of gradually hating. It seeped into every part of my life. I wasn’t pleasant to be around, and I would make bad decisions that impacted the people I cared about the most. Something had to change. So, I Googled “how to make money online.” (You gotta start somewhere, right?) Down the rabbit hole I went. One thing kept floating to the surface as I searched for a new direction: Copywriting is one of the key skills to have in your utility belt as an online marketer.

And that led to your current career?

It literally had everything to do with where I am right now. Although I’d discovered quite a lot before joining AWAI, it was the refined process of how AWAI rolls out their training and programs that pushed me to become better than I was the day before.

So far, who has influenced your writing business the most?

Andrew McWhirter and Rana Saini, owners/ founders of The Influencer Project. These two awesome humans have shaped how I approach business. When I started as a freelancer, I had no foundation around what a successful business really looked like or, for that fact, took to set up. Andrew and Rana showed me the value of “progress, not perfection.” How to press Play, take action, and change based on what I learn each time I release something into the world. Then — go again and again. Regardless of the situation, there’s always something to learn, something to improve, something to break and make so much better than it used to be. You’ve just got to put in the work — take the action — to uncover and discover what that is.

What kinds of opportunities has that opened up?

Copywriting was a great springboard that created the opportunity I have now. But, I felt like I had more to offer. Rana (my friend/boss) saw that potential in me and gave me an opportunity to go all in on what I could be. My proudest moment now is getting testimonials like this from stoked clients: “THANK YOU! … Your authenticity, wisdom, playfulness, and guidance is refreshing. I left feeling grounded, clear, and ready! … You make this fun.” —Shannon S.

Has your life changed in the way you hoped it would?

I want to get out of bed every day to hang out with the people I work with … Best group of people I’ve ever had the privilege of working alongside. The opportunities are endless!

What would you tell someone just starting out?

Never look at anything you’re doing as the last thing you’ll ever do, regardless of the money and time you’ve spent pursuing it. I spent close to 40K and two-plus years to become a copywriter … and that’s just to get started with my first few clients. After one phone call from someone who saw my potential (including the knowledge I’d developed in copywriting), I packed up my life to take full advantage of my new skill in a role I’d never considered. There’s no such thing as regret — only lessons learned. It’s what you do with this new knowledge that counts.

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Published: September 18, 2020

3 Responses to “Living the Writers Life: Max Latimer”

  1. You “spent 40K” to become a writer? What’scup with that?

    Guest (John Corcelli)

  2. I'm also curious about the 40k spent to become a copy writer. Other than that though. Very inspiring story, feels similar to my own situation and give me confidence that maybe I can do it too!


  3. We've reached out to Max to flesh out that piece of they story :) But he says early on that he went through a lot of other trainings and stuff before finding AWAI. My takeaway is to not get caught up in consumption stage ... it's so easy to do. But know that you should be willing and prepared to invest in yourself - including time. This is a huge opportunity! And as Bob Bly says, for the professional, school is never out!

    Rebecca Matter

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