How I Went From Worried, Broke, Job-Juggling 21-Year-Old … to Sales Letter Writing Specialist — in 8 Weeks

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The first time I discovered I had a “thing for writing” was in fifth grade.

One day, our English teacher gave us an assignment to read a cliffhanger fiction story about a tyrannical giant … and then create our own ending.

I was engrossed in the story, and so full of ideas and childhood “creative juices” that I ended up writing five pages for my ending — even though we were only expected to write just two.

I was the only child who exceeded the mark, and my teacher read my ending to the whole class.

It was then that I started to form a special connection with words … and over the years, I started playing more with them.

But I had no idea there was a secret part to writing … that was actually life-changing and financially rewarding …

Reborn in a More Rewarding Form …

Fast-forward to age 21, and I was struggling financially and starting to really worry about my future.

I juggled different things like modeling and photography that I thought would make me money … but I wasn’t passionate enough about them to keep going.

Eventually, I got an online freelance transcriptionist job, earning about $45-$50 a week.

But I needed more for my life.

So when writing found its way back to me in a completely different and lucrative form that I never knew existed … I GRABBED it.

I Found Copywriting … and Then I Found AWAI

When I learned about this incredible, easy-to-learn skill called “copywriting” that most people have no idea about — and what it would mean to possess it, such as …

  • No more J-O-B-S or dragon-breath bosses
  • No more 9-to-5 grinds and corporate life drama
  • No more limited family or social time
  • No more overbearing income-sucking bills
  • Freedom on where to work, how to work, what to work on, and who to work for
  • Minor starting requirements (computer, internet access, and a mobile phone)
  • Unlimited writing opportunities and businesses to serve
  • The ability to earn five to seven-figure incomes, writing any preferred hours of the week

 … I knew I had to learn this skill.

Then I found AWAI and was blown away by the number of resources, programs, and success stories of ordinary folks like myself who’d risen to better heights using this one skill.

So I listened to my gut and invested in AWAI’s flagship program, The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

And it was one of the best decisions I’d ever made.

From Timid Aspiring Copywriter to “Hardcore” Sales Letter Writing Specialist … In Only 8 Weeks!

Before I even finished The Accelerated Program, I was already fascinated with long-form copy.

Then one fine day in October 2020, I hopped onto the AWAI website and saw the banner ad for the Sales Letter Writing Mastery & Certification program.

So I was drawn to this opportunity.

(Remember, there are countless copywriting opportunities for you to sink your teeth into. This one just felt right for me.)

The wonderful thing about the blissful world of copywriting is that it’s limitless!

There’s always an opportunity that fits your specific needs in terms of length, fees, and time frame.

You can select, deselect, and stack any number of your favorite types of copy … and offer them for delicious fees.

Plus, AWAI has an awesome way of calming the nerves and making the process smooth like ice cream. (I have an ice-cream obsession.)

What really stoked me about this Sales Letter Mastery program was the chance to learn directly from the legendary Sandy Franks.

You probably know Sandy as the loveable editor of a certain story-themed newsletter packed with new insights and opportunities for writers — The Golden Thread.

With an over 30-year career in copywriting and marketing … and having worked closely with top companies like Agora Publishing, and “A-level” copywriters like Clayton Makepeace and Mark Ford …

 … it was nothing short of an honor to have the glimmering opportunity of being tutored by her.

And despite Sandy’s success in the field … she was kind, understanding, fun, and a great teacher.

Each vital element of a sales letter was grouped into weekly sessions packed with engaging live videos, simple exercises (with detailed feedback), helpful resources, and interactive Q&As.

It was rare to go through any session without experiencing that “a-ha moment” where everything is super clear.

And if you know what a sales letter looks like, then you can imagine how great my relief when I finally discovered how to deconstruct a control (current winning sales letter) to see the “special inner workings” that make the sale …

 … and then construct a better blockbuster one myself — with Sandy’s help.

We went from “complete sales letter dummies” … to professional sales letter writing stars marketers will drool over — in only eight weeks!

Now, here’s my favorite part about this whole experience …

“And the Top Three Finalists Are …”

After the end of the live training, we had the opportunity to turn in a spec sales letter assignment.

During a wrap-up session for the Certification program, Sandy and longtime copywriting master Will Newman shared some big final takeaways … before revealing the top three finalists (winner and runners up) for the spec.

You may be wondering if I wanted to be one of them.

The honest answer is … yes.

But, don’t get me wrong.

This wasn’t about winning a competition OR being better than the rest.

You see, in the marketing world, there’s a fast-growing need for competent copywriters … but hardly enough writers to serve that need.

So competition isn’t something to worry about.

There’s more than enough opportunity for everyone in this writing paradise.

For me, this was about knowing that I had pushed myself to the fullest while learning from a true master.

I should also mention that there was no special sauce or secret formula …

Sandy designed this program to be easy, smooth, and comprehensive for anyone willing to succeed — regardless of skill level or experience.

All we had to do was:

  • Watch all live and recorded sessions with full attention
  • Ask our pressing questions
  • Participate in the supportive “exclusive” Facebook group
  • Do our best on the exercises … and not worry about messing up
  • And practice diligently

At least, that’s what it took me to get Certified … and emerge a … Runner Up!

Now, I have boldness like I never did before … and a Certification to show clients I’m worth heaps of their bucks.

Drop your fears, ignore any “naysaying” voices (even your own), be confident you can do this, and join me in this paid writing haven.

Do you have any questions about getting started as a direct-response sales letter writer? Please share in the comments so we can guide you.

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Published: June 15, 2021

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