Writer Confidence from Three Little Letters

Silhouette of woman doing handstand on beach at sunset

“This is the day I’m going to do a full-arm balance.” (aka, a handstand)

I’ll say this out loud tomorrow morning … just like I have most Tuesday and Thursday mornings recently.

I’ll mention it to my husband as he’s making his coffee and I’m brewing my tea. I’ll think about it while I’m driving to the yoga class where this feat will occur.

I’ll picture myself going up into this pose of grace and strength as I climb the stairs to the studio, walk in, and get situated on my mat. My confidence will grow as my teacher leads us through the series of poses that all support doing full-arm balance.

And, even though in my mind this should have happened already … it hasn’t. Or, actually … let me re-phrase that …

It hasn’t happened … YET.

I say “yet,” because I know that it will. I’m strong enough. I understand the mechanics of the pose. I am SO determined.

I recognize that it’s fear that’s been holding me back so far. What I haven’t figured out is how to overcome that fear … YET.

And, even though I get disappointed for a minute or two after each unsuccessful attempt, I bounce back quickly because of my determination to accomplish this goal.

I’m sharing this with you today because …

Well … to be perfectly honestly … I believe the more people who know about my handstand goal and are rooting me on, the better my chances of achieving it are. 😊

AWAI's Katie Yeakle and Rebecca Matter

But really … the bigger reason is I just love the idea of “yet” … which I learned from Rebecca’s 10-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. (I went to visit her and her family for a few days of meetings and “catching up” before the holidays. Even though we Zoom and text just about every day, we hadn’t been together in the same room for almost two years. It was wonderful!)

As Sydney and Alex wisely explained to me … if you haven’t reached a goal … like “I haven’t finished the Harry Potter series” or “I haven’t hit a homerun” … just add “yet” to the end of the sentence. Because, they said, “When you do that, you’ll do it!”

Simple, right?

It really is powerful … the confidence those three little letters instill.


I mentioned this “theory” in the Copywriter’s Insider Facebook group because I wanted to hear what “YET” our members were hoping to accomplish this year. Here were some of the replies I got:

  • I can’t write a full-blown sales letter YET.
  • My website isn’t finished YET.
  • I haven’t met my first client YET.
  • I’m not ready to leave my J.O.B. YET.
  • I haven’t become an “A-list” copywriter … YET …
  • I haven’t started an affiliate marketing business YET.
  • I haven’t met my earnings goal YET … but I’m not giving up.
  • I don’t have a winning control with royalties … YET! I will.

The exciting thing is that by these folks setting their goals up as something they know will happen, they are creating a belief that it will happen. And, that’s the most important part of accomplishing anything, right? The belief in yourself that you can do it.

So now … what about you?

I’d love to hear what your current “YET” is. Is it something personal like my handstand goal … professional like landing your dream client … both? (I have more than one!)

I think it’s also important to spend a few minutes thinking about what could be holding you back from your “YET.” Is it fear like I have about doing a handstand? Is it a lack of confidence in your abilities? (We have trainings for that!) A lack of clarity about your next step? (Let us help you with that too!)

Please share the next “YET” you’ll be accomplishing in the comments so this amazing community can support you and celebrate your win when it happens. Trust me, you’ll be hearing about it when I finally do a handstand. There may even be pictures too!

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Published: January 5, 2022

17 Responses to “Writer Confidence from Three Little Letters”

  1. You mentioned that fear is why you have not accomplished your yet. Here is the good news for you F.E.A.R is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear knocked on the door, Faith Answered it and no one was there. Go for it

    Guest (Curt)

  2. I haven't beaten my procrastination problem...yet! ;)


  3. I have not landed my $2k/mo client YET

    Guest (Chike)

  4. Wow! I love that word "yet" because it is so hopeful Katie.
    I find myself at times thinking that word on something I am planning and find that it's the kick that I need to..."get going!" That is a very helpful tip for sure, thank you!

    Desert Rose

  5. AWAI, the word, reminds of me as a funny writer. I feel "awa" without I, stands for pity in tagalog. and I is me, that is "pity me".
    I love to hear well paid writers and as writer with zero earnings, I am proud to be one of your members of AWAI.Thank you!


  6. I have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy (numbness) in both feet, among other physical challenges. I do many exercises and stretches every day for my whole body, but not very much for my balance problem yet.

    Heyward Hawkins

  7. I have not completed my LinkedIn profile yet.

    Heyward Hawkins

  8. I keep working on the wording "I'll get there" but it has not been as fulfilling as picking a new word called YET. I will be where I want to be with this brand new career. I'm just not there YET.


  9. So many things to add YET to.
    Choose 1.
    I haven't created a blog YET.

    David Hands

  10. There are many goals I haven't reached as a writer...yet. I do have fears. Fears that I 'm not smart enough, not good enough and lacking in confidence. So I keep repeating "Perfect love casts out all fear." God loves me and His love is helping me casts all my fears. I'm not quite there...yet.

    Guest (Sandy L)

  11. I must be thick. I signed up but have no idea what you are talking about.

    Guest (Bobby)

  12. I think the word, "YET" is very positive, even when used at the end of a sentence as if it were derogatory. It means there is something else to add onto, thus giving the statement a future. I see the word " YET" as a gateway that there is something to look forward to! I know personally, "I haven't gotten anything ready yet." I still have so much to do!


  13. I've not completed my Site Content Audit Report, YET But, I have a feeling those will be the one to set me up as a professional... It hasn't happened, YET!!!

    Guest (Kathy Jo Brown)

  14. I use the YET idea to back into all the things not done until I reach the bedrock issue that must be done so I can move up to the next, then the next, etc.


  15. I haven't supported my family with my writing...yet. Yep...it works. I feel more confident snd unstopable already.

    Michelle Polk

  16. i have not finished the awai method and 10 weeks to pro yet.


  17. I haven't launched my newsletter... yet :)


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