The Future of Freelancing:
Why EVERY Copywriter Needs to Harness the Power of AI

Writer holding sticky note that says AI

I know what you’re probably thinking …

Oh no, not another article on AI!

But here’s the thing …

AI is here. It’s not going anywhere.

And if you’re not embracing it, you’re shortchanging yourself.

I believe it’s the future of freelancing.

Just like you probably use email to communicate with your family, friends, and clients (and likely don’t use a fax machine or carrier pigeon to do so) …

Pretty soon, you’ll be “forced” to use AI to produce content and copy for your clients.

Which is why if you’re at all resisting the idea of using AI as a writer, please don’t.

Your writing career is at stake.

Here’s one way to think about it:

Back in the old days, sailors relied on “manual” methods to get to their destination.

They used a compass. Maps. Charts. And even the stars.

Of course, the era of solely relying on those tools is gone. Why?


Now pretend you’re a ship captain.

You’re in a race to get to the known location of a sunken treasure.

First one there gets to lay claim to it.

How would you like your odds of getting there first if you had to navigate to the destination using just a map and compass …

 … while the other ships you’re racing against are using the exact GPS coordinates?

Who do you think will get there faster?

And, perhaps more importantly —

Who do you think will end up working harder to get to the same place?

AI writing tools like ChatGPT are no different.

If you’re a writer NOT using AI …

It’s like being a writer who refuses to use a computer and word processor in favor of a typewriter.

Which means your competition could end up running laps around you.

Not just because they’ll know how to use it — but because employers … and likely your future clients … will want you to know how to use AI.

I mean, it’s already happening.

Check out this headline from Business Insider:

Business Insider ChatGPT image

The very first industry they mention “requiring” experience with ChatGPT?

Our own bread and butter — marketing.

“Companies are looking for workers with knowledge of ChatGPT to fill their marketing roles, with the hope that the skill will juice up marketing strategies.”

And one of the companies looking to hire told Insider:

“We want candidates who are not only capable of executing our AI-enabled workflows, but can also bring new learnings and efficiencies to the table from their own experience with generative AI.”

Yet another featured in the same article says they’re looking for a “Klaviyo + ChatGPT email marketing super expert.”

For better or worse, this is where the future of freelancing is headed.

Which means, if you haven’t already … it’s time to learn how to use AI tools like ChatGPT.

Not just to future-proof your writing career.

But because it actually is a great way to become a better, faster, and, yes — even higher-paid writer.

Using AI as a writer can help you …

Boost your creativity. One of the great things about AI is it can offload repetitive tasks. This makes it so you can focus on what YOU do best (and ChatGPT can’t do) … THINK, make new connections, come up with creative solutions/copy, and more.

Skyrocket your productivity. One of the biggest killers of productivity for writers is staring at a blank page for minutes or even hours on end. With AI, you can have an outline — or even a rough first draft — created instantly. This allows you to start with something and get to writing immediately.

Slash the amount of time it takes you to do longer tasks. A big time-consuming task every copywriter does when they get a new project is research. Tools like ChatGPT can significantly cut the amount of time it takes to do market research, product research, and more.

Multiply your income. Another great way AI tools can help you is by transforming a longer piece of content into multiple pieces of unique content. So one long blog post could easily become a series of five LinkedIn posts, a video script, a couple of emails, and a few ads. This could send your income soaring if you know how to package your services in the right way. And you don’t have to work that much more (or put in a lot more time) to make it happen, thanks to AI.

Those are just a few of the benefits.

Frankly, I’ve also found many more. You’re limited only by your creativity when it comes to how you can use ChatGPT as your writing “copilot.”

One example:

You can now have ChatGPT analyze entire books, research papers, spreadsheets, and more.

Think of the possibilities …

And that’s just for starters.

That’s why I urge you —

If you haven’t already, start learning how to use ChatGPT!

To give you the start you need, you should check out the course I created in partnership with AWAI here.

This course will turbocharge your writing career and help you make more money faster than has ever been possible in our industry’s history.

Get started today, because AI is already transforming the digital marketing landscape. And it’s up to us, as freelance copywriters, to stay current and on the cutting edge.

It’s how we’ll bring more value to our clients. And ensure we have long, successful careers.

How to Use the Power of AI

How to Use the Power of AI to Become a Better, Faster, and Higher-Paid Writer

Step into the future of writing and discover how to revolutionize your entire writing process. From doubling your productivity to editing your copy, AI can help you to outshine and outperform your competition. Learn More »

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Published: June 19, 2024

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