September 2008

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Five Tactics to Study From Self-Help Controls

Hallie Mummert from Inside Direct Mail shows you what’s working in the self-help niche, by analyzing recent controls found in the Who’s Mailing What! Archive.

Boost Your Copywriting Skills With This Overlooked “Secret Weapon”

AWAI Staff Writer Guillermo Rubio explains how studying articles is one of the best ways to get good at writing copy … fast.

Don’t Tell Me What I’m Thinking: Does Your SEO Copywriting Miss the Mark?

SEO copywriting pioneer Heather Lloyd-Martin applies the “know your prospect” rule to SEO strategies and shows you how you can help your clients easily get this information from their customers.

Six Ways to Take Your Online Income to the Next Level

AWAI Staff Writer, John Wood shows you how to generate a solid secondary income.

Do Johnson Boxes Still Work?

Britt Brouse shares a long-standing copy technique that will give your direct-mail package extra impact and increase your response rates.

The Power of the Foregone Conclusion

John Forde explains how a successful technique used in beer commercials can also be applied to your direct-response copy.

“So How’s This Crappy Economy Impacting Copywriters? Glad You Asked …”

These are scary times for anyone whose job depends on a strong and vibrant economy. But copywriters need not worry. Master copywriter Paul Hollingshead explains why the demand for copy in this amazing business never seems to subside.

How to Make $3,000 to $10,000 Per Assignment – Without Writing a Single Word of Copy

Don Hauptman shares a method for copywriters to generate more cash without writing a single work of copy.

Spin Your Web Copy Dreams Into Gold … in Only Six Steps

Rebecca Matter, VP of AWAI and Director of Web Marketing shares a plan for web copywriters to achieve their financial goals.

4 Important Lessons I’ve Learned on My Way to AWAI’s “Wall of Fame”

AWAI'er John Torre shares four strategies he's learned that you can start using today to achieve your own copywriting goals.

Interview: Krista Jones on How to Get Started and Succeed As a Self-Help Copywriter

Krista Jones explains how she started a successful self-help copywriting career, and shares practical advice on how you can do the same.

Why Story Leads Work … and Five Places to Find Them

Jennifer Stevens explains how story telling can help you get started on a new copywriting project.

Run Your Life … Instead of Letting Your Life Run You

Brian Tracy recommends a simple exercise to help with time management.

Three Ways to Get Paid to Market Your Services

Copywriting Insider Editor, Heather Robson explains three ways to get paid to market your services in the self-help industry.

The Business of Copywriting

Gary Hennerberg explains how business sense will catapult you to six figure copywriter.

5 Things You Can Do to Find the Time and Motivation to Launch Your Copywriting Career

AWAI trained copywriter, Tom Kavala shares his techniques he used to find the time and motivation to achieve his copywriting goals.

18 Ways to Turn Your E-Book Into an Uninterrupted Stream of Online Profits

John Wood shares 18 online marketing techniques you can use to promote your E-Book.

How to Establish an Instant Connection With Your Self-Improvement Audience

Copywriting Insider Editor, Heather Robson explains how to establish an instant connection with the self-improvement audience.

Top 10 Mailers in the Self-Help Industry

Discover the names and websites of ten top mailers in the self-help industry as of September 2008.

Industry Spotlight: Self-Help

Find out about trends and statistics in the self-help market as of September 2008.

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