February 2010

Stand Out From the Crowd With Social Media

Find out the purpose behind each social media platform and how you can build a foundation to promote your business instead of just making chatter.

Are You Using "Mo" to Your Advantage?

Find out how you can take your spare-time business to the next level by finishing more tasks, accomplish more goals experiencing positive results.

Do You Make Incorrect Assumptions About What a Freelancer SHOULD Earn?

Nick Usborne explains how successful freelancers are entrepreneurs who do not box themselves in with a false income ceiling. He shows you how you too can become successful in your freelance business.

6 Common Truths Behind Getting In Shape AND Becoming a Successful Web Writer

Rebecca Matter shares her personal discovery that the basic formula for achieving success in the gym is actually the same for becoming a successful web writer.

Meek, Mild-Mannered Clark Kent?

Dan Kennedy ranks ‘sales intelligence’ at the top of the list for his success as a copywriter and marketer. He’ll show you why it’s not just what you know about selling that matters, it’s how you feel about it that’s important.

Feel the Fear, Do It Anyway

Find out how Roy Furr overcame his fears and became a full time freelancer.

Mine Is an Odd Way of Making a Living

Dan Kennedy explains the role of the copywriter as a compelling story teller.

How to Get Your Clients to Give You Quality Referrals

Find out an easy way to get quality referrals from your clients, and how to use them to land new clients.

The 7-P High-Profit Self-Publishing System

Discover the essentials you need to be paying attention to as you start and grow your high-profit self-publishing biz.

The $36,000 Man

Joshua Boswell talks about the three barriers that prevent people from reaching their business goals and describes a system that will help you break down these barriers.

Two Hot (and Sexy) Markets for Web Writers

Discover two fast growing markets for web writers where the demand is high and the money is great.

Alpha Freelancers Seek Out and Accept Only High-Value Engagements – You Can Do the Same

Nick Usborne explains how setting a goal and having a plan leads freelancers to assess the value of each new assignment and select only the ones that help them achieve that goal.

Spare-Time Biz Opportunity: Self-Publishing – Trudging A Mile Through Snow, Uphill Both Ways

Self-Publishing guru, Gary Scott shares his personal experience on how he got started and the advice to follow to achieve great things.