February 2013

Freelance Writers Are Escaping the Cubicle and Working Across the Country and Around the World Thanks to Their Portable Careers

Learn about the exciting possiblities available to you as a freelance writer.

The Anatomy of a Winning Facebook Post

Jen Phillips April gives you some great tips for creating winning facebook posts.

Cutting Through Your Prospect's Daily Noise

Will Newman illustrates how to create a marketing message that will be hard to ignore.

Three Blogging Myths Debunked

Paula Plant lets you in on how to make a full-time living from writing blogs.

How to Earn a Full-Time Living as a Travel Blogger

Paula Pant tells the amazing story of Derek Earl Baron and his travel blogging lifestyle.

A Simple Solution for Really Focusing

Christina Gillick has a great trick to keep you focused and productive.

Profiting From Missed Opportunities

Will Newman helps you find out where your client's are lacking, and how your copywriting skills can fill in their gaps.

Facing a Lukewarm Job Market and Still-Recovering Economy, Millennials Discover Alternative to Traditional 9 to 5 Jobs

Copywriting is becoming a hot new job opportunity for newer generations. American Writer's and Artists is helping this new workforce get ready.

Waste Not, Want Not

Ideas are something that can easily be repurposed. Mandy Marksteiner provides some ways to make old ideas new again.


The writer's life is based on you making the choices you want to make. Will Newman has some advice for avoiding a common trap in your freelance writing career.

Eight Applications that Will Increase Your Productivity

John Wood focuses on eight applications that can save you “small leaks” of time throughout the day.

A 3-Part Guide to Answering the Question “Can We See Some Samples?”

Heather Robson shares Steve Slaunwhite’s strategy for dealing with the dreaded request for samples when you don’t have any samples to show.

Your Real Prospect is Closer Than You Think

Will Newman has three strategies for getting “up close and personal” with a potential prospect without getting in his face.

How to Develop the Client-Attraction Mindset

Guillermo Rubio flips around the idea of getting clients. Read on to learn how to make clients come after you!