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December 2013

Tradition be Damned

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions this year, resolve to accomplish your goals by taking action steps that move you in the right direction.

57 Novels Rejected Per Day: A Cut-Throat Screener's System for Bypassing your Reader's Urge to Click Away

Mandy Marksteiner gives you 5 things to do on your website — or for your clients — so you’ll pass your visitors’ screen test every time.

A Commodity More Valuable than Money ...

You can always earn more money. But you can never earn back wasted time. That’s why it’s so important that you make good investments with your time.

Your Meaningful Action Roadmap for 2014

Heather Robson shows you how to use the idea of meaningful action to get more done in the coming year.

The Nitty-Gritty of Being SMART

The acronym “SMART” is a good mnemonic for remembering how to write effective goals. Take action steps each day that work towards your SMART goals.

Are “Quicksand” Activities Stalling Your Success?

Heather Robson helps you take meaningful action by looking at different kinds of activity and their “busywork” danger factor.

Be SMARTER – Be Successful

When setting goals make sure they’re specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound, evaluated, and then re-evaluated along the way so that you stay on target.

4 Alternatives to Using Traditional Mailing List Data Cards

Jen Adams gives you four solid alternatives to using traditional mailing list data cards that will quickly give you more of the insights you need.

9 Ways to Increase Your Name Recognition

Christina Gillick helps you find opportunities to market your freelance business.

8 Ways to Diversify Your Freelance Income

Christina Gillick gives you eight ways you can diversify your freelance career as it's getting off the ground, to set a good foundation for your copywriting business.

When the Answer is “No”

Every successful copywriter has heard the word “no” before. Think of it as a learning opportunity. Analyze why the client said no and see if you can make your copy stronger.