9 Ways to Increase Your Name Recognition

In Part One of this series, we covered “How to Create Your Name Recognition Strategy … So Clients Come TO You.” If you missed it, catch up here.

If you read Part One, you know how important “being everywhere” is to name recognition …

Basically, you want to look for chances to spread your name and message. These opportunities are everywhere … you just have to know where to look.

Here are nine ideas to start with …

1. Create your own website with a blog.

I understand that this may be a scary step for you, but it’s necessary. Every web writer needs a website. It’s your hub. All your online exposure should lead back to your website.

So … if you don't have one, make that your next project. Yes, I’m serious. Here are the steps:

  1. Read this. It lays out the steps to build an effective website.
  2. Build the site. Keep it simple and improve it over time.
  3. Write your website’s content.

And, you’re done! Again, just launch it with the basics and progress as you learn more.

Once you create your website, contact me to celebrate, then establish a writing schedule for your blog. I recommend adding a new post at least once a month, but once a week is better if you can swing it. Go here if you need some ideas for blog post topics.

Finally, when you do anything online, be sure to link back to your website. In a few months, your reach online will blow you away!

2. Get a Google+ account today.

As web writers, we are all authors and deserve to be recognized as such. A Google+ profile gives you the option to claim your Google Authorship. This means your account is linked to the content you post online — making it easier for people to be exposed to you. For help with Google Authorship, go here.

3. Comment on blogs.

Start conversations with other writers and other people interested in your industry. This is basically the equivalent to networking at a party.

At a networking event, you wander around the room, listening to what others have to say, and making your own comments to join the conversations. You also make introductions and ask questions … It’s no different on a blog or industry website …

The site is the room. Listening to others is the same as reading the post, article, and other comments. Then you join in by commenting yourself. If you write for a niche you love, this will seem more like partying than marketing. J

4. Get a Twitter account.

And then start tweeting. Here’s a great guide.

Hint: I get the most exposure from Twitter by giving exposure to others … (Want to know more about that? Comment below to let me know.)

5. Write for other blogs.

Every time someone links back to your website, it’s like a vote for your site. This helps you climb the search engine ranks. Aim to get your articles on other blogs and websites as often as possible.

Remember: “Don’t be afraid to repackage and repurpose your work. You don’t have to start everything from scratch every time.”

Also consider that you might be expected to write some posts for free — especially in the beginning. But, the exposure and backlinks are often more valuable in the long run.

Start by emailing people with regularly-updated blogs — especially your peers — to see if they could use some extra content. Many do — myself included — and most are willing to give a byline, a backlink, and an author bio.

6. Make experts talk about you.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to get exposure is to make experts talk about me. To do this, try someone else’s tips — such as the ones in this article. Then, when you see results — like more potential clients coming to you — tell me about it.

I’ll be proud of you! And, I’ll be eager to share with my network that my advice worked. Most other writers are the same way …

Try their advice and let them know how it worked. Then, sit back and watch them praise YOU — even though they may think they’re bragging on themselves.

7. Add an opt-in form and offer to your website.

With all the new visitors arriving on your website, you’ll want to capture their email addresses — or build a list — so you can follow up with them.

Remember, reaching their inbox is the surest way to gain exposure to them. Here’s how to create your offer.

8. Publish an e-newsletter.

Once your site is set up and collecting leads, send your subscribers an email on a regular basis — likely weekly or monthly. Here’s how to set that up.

This technique puts your name right in their inbox, making them more likely to hire you when they need a web writer. Also, publishing your own e-newsletter is a great way to show off your writing skills.

9. Don’t give up!

Success in writing, freelancing, and marketing is all about repetition — and practice. The more a potential client sees you, the more likely they are to be persuaded to hire you.

This means don’t get discouraged when your efforts don’t have a lot of traction at first. Just focus on getting your name out there consistently. Your exposure will build and build until you have more clients than you can handle.

It may seem like building exposure and name recognition is a lot of work … it is, but if you spread it out until you’re doing just a little bit each day, it starts to feel normal.

Now commenting on blogs and reaching out to others feels natural — like I’m arriving at a party every time I get on the computer. Not long ago, I was afraid to reach out to anyone. It just took some practice. You can do it, too!

So, what questions do you have? Did I leave anything out? Let’s talk in the comments below …

This article, 9 Ways to Increase Your Name Recognition, was originally published by Wealthy Web Writer.

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Published: December 4, 2013

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