October 2015

Work-Life Balance … With a Twist

It’s easy for freelancers to let work overtake their lives. But it doesn’t have to. Mac Bull examines how to keep your life in balance.

Three Ways to Stay Current in Your Industry

If you want to be considered an expert in your industry, then industry research is key. Use these three methods to stay current in your industry.

How to Abolish Writer’s Block

Here are five “Blank Page Blasters” for overcoming writer’s block that will get you writing quickly when faced with a blank page or computer screen.

5 Guidelines for Creating Great B2B Infographics

Follow these five guidelines to make sure infographics get your B2B client’s marketing message out loud, clear, and broadly.

Five Smart Ways to Remove All Fears of Failure

Imagine what you could accomplish if you removed all fears of failure. The way to do that is easier than you think. Try these five empowering thoughts.

Why Being Politically Correct Could be the Kiss of Death in Copy

Does political correctness have a place in copy? Will Newman believes it doesn't. Find out why here.

10 Tips for Improving Your Speaking Skills

Speaking is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert. Use these tips to make your presentation even better.

What to Do When Your Client Doesn’t Have Clear Marketing Goals

When your client doesn’t have clear marketing goals, your first job is to help them figure that out. Use these six questions to help.

Copy “Skunk” Words to Avoid

You never want your reader to laugh at something you write in seriousness or be confused by your word choice. Here are some words to avoid so you don't risk confusing or offending your reader.

Direct-Response in B2B … Yes, it Exists

B2B copywriting isn’t all content marketing. Mac Bull looks at how B2B marketing also incorporates direct-response copywriting.

How to Recover When “Life” Gets in the Way of Writing

Sometimes life sends an unwelcome surprise your way. In this post, Mindy shares how the Writer’s Life can help you roll with the punches.

The Secret Behind Kid Books and Copywriting Success

Even if your copy feels readable to you, how can you tell if it’s readable for your audience? Use this tool to check objectively if your copy is readable.

How Immersion Learning Can Make You an Expert Fast

Want to become a B2B copywriting expert fast? Try immersion learning, a proven strategy for learning more in less time.