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How to Get Copywriting Royalties on Every Copywriting Project You Land

Royalties are coveted by copywriters in all niches, yet are hard to negotiate. Roy Furr explains how to get royalties on all your work.

An Easy, No-Pressure Way to Make Your Copy Sell More

Roy Furr shares how education is a powerful form of salesmanship.

Live The Writer’s Life Without Ever Writing a Single Word

Roy Furr shares how you can live the writer’s life without being a writer simply by helping other copywriters in one crucial area.

Easy Time Management for Copywriters and Other Freelancers

Roy Furr shares his time management tips that will help copywriters and other freelancers alike become more productive.

The Real Secret to Success in Becoming a Freelance Copywriter

Roy Furr shares the real secret you’ll need to know to become a successful freelance copywriter.

Your Personal Independence Day

When was your personal Independence Day look like? Roy Furr shares how you’ll know when you’ve arrived.

Kettlebell Snatches, Goal Setting, and How to Make Millions of Dollars

Roy Furr shares how setting goals – and sticking to them - will help copywriters make millions of dollars.

Copywriting Royalties: How to Get Them

Roy Furr shares how copywriters can earn copywriting royalties.

Does Long Copy Still Work Online?

Roy Furr shares what he most recently found out about the popular debate of long copy vs. short copy online.

Social Media: The Biggest Freelance Opportunity of the Year

Roy Furr shares the biggest freelance opportunity of the year – social media.

No Fear

Roy Furr explains how facing your fears can lead to more success this year, and gives you some actionable on advice on tackling those fears head on.

How Finding Your Copywriting Niche Will Make You an In-Demand Writer

Roy Furr explains how finding and choosing your copywriting niche will make you an in-demand writer, and shows you how you can do it for yourself.

How To Boost Your Income By Testing Your Web Copy

Roy Furr shows you how testing your web copy can boost your own income.

Is This Mistake Keeping You Poor?

Roy Furr explains why at times, saying “no” actually has the potential to make you more money.

Writing Short, Powerful Emails That Inspire Action

Roy Furr shares why writing short emails is one of the most useful skills he’s picked up as a writer, and some secrets that will help you write effective emails.

Maximum Web Writing Income With Minimum Work

Roy Furr talks about what is going to earn you the most money and what you should specialize in.

How to Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever

AWAI $10K Challenge Winner Roy Furr shares an important lesson he learned while launching his successful freelance business to help make 2011 your most lucrative year.

The Single Most Important Factor For Long-Term Freelance Success

Roy Furr explains how master copywriters like Dan Kennedy, Bob Bly and Ted Nicholas reached unparalleled success as freelancers, and how you can apply their strategy to your freelance business.

The Grace and Grit of Client-Getting

Roy Furr shares the truths he learned about getting clients after ‘making the leap’ himself just 9 short months ago.

The Two Words That Will Get You More Clients for Your Freelance Biz

Roy Furr reveals two powerful words that impacted his freelance career earlier this year and shows you how he continues to use them in order to land more clients and grow his business.

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