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Here’s How to Generate Steady Income Writing for Information Publishers

Information publishing expert Dan Kennedy shares how you can turn what a client needs next into steady income.

How Open To New Writers Are Information Marketers?

Dan Kennedy highlights the vast copy needs of information marketers.

There’s Always A ‘What’s Next?’ For The Information-Marketing Client

Dan Kennedy explains the information marketing industry.

How Many … To Screw In A Light Bulb?

Dan Kennedy discusses the benefits of using the open architecture strategy in business.

What Do You Need Most?

Dan Kennedy reveals the reason there is so much work for new copywriters – and how to take advantage of it.

Chicken Soup for the Copywriter’s Soul: the Power of the Inspirational Human Interest Story

Dan Kennedy shares how a human interest story added into your copy can be a powerful inspiration element for readers.

American Idol

Dan Kennedy explains how life isn’t like American Idol and shares how drive is important to earning 7 figures.

Preferences in the Way

Dan Kennedy shares how preferences can get in the way of achieving your copywriting goals.

No Excuses

Dan Kennedy explains how finding excuses for not taking action will prevent you from living the writer’s life.

Where’s the Ladder?

Dan Kennedy explains that everybody’s earning capacity begins with the first paid gig. Far more important than the “Before” of that is the “After”; how you position and present yourself, progress to better clients and opportunities, get well-paid for value provided; and develop a real business.

The Magic of Copywriting

Dan Kennedy explains what copywriting means to him and gives 3 tips on how to overcome writer’s block.

“Whoa There, Big Boy, That’s a Lot of Money”

Dan Kennedy explains how to set the expectations for clients to expect and accept high fees. You, too, can learn how to make maximum money, gain respect and find enjoyment as a professional copywriter.

Meek, Mild-Mannered Clark Kent?

Dan Kennedy ranks ‘sales intelligence’ at the top of the list for his success as a copywriter and marketer. He’ll show you why it’s not just what you know about selling that matters, it’s how you feel about it that’s important.

Mine Is an Odd Way of Making a Living

Dan Kennedy explains the role of the copywriter as a compelling story teller.

3 Ways to Get Writer’s Block Out of Your Life Permanently

Follow Dan Kenney’s 3 proven copywriting techniques, and you will never again struggle with writer’s block.

How to Think to Be Better Paid – The Lesson of the Billion Dollar Letter

Dan Kennedy explains that how you think about what you do as a copywriter is important. Learn an important lesson from million and billion dollar sales letters.

Nine Pages

Dan Kennedy describes how the copywriter’s life may appear solitary and not very glamorous. But top copywriters are content with this lucrative lifestyle.

Making Yours the Only Choice

Dan Kennedy shows that the greatest thing you can do for your client is to make him stand out from competitors and lift him to the status of The Only Choice.

What the Devil Do You Do, Anyway?

Dan Kennedy explains how copywriting can make a contribution to society and can even change lives. Copywriters truly are modern day alchemists.