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On Hemingway, Inspiration, and Acting on Big Ideas

Steve Roller discusses inspiration, and how you can find it to help push your copywriting.

Cleansing and Fasting: Not Just for Health Nuts

Steve Roller has a diet for your brain that will get you running at peak performance.

The Gold Is in the Follow-Up

If you're already enjoying the writer's life in all its glory, you can probably skip this article. If not, Steve Roller has an idea could be your ticket to six-figure territory.

The Art of the Client Interview

That first client interview is a stress many people will never understand. Luck for you, Steve Roller has been there and has some great tips to make sure you ace it.

What Will Your Writer's Legacy Be?

Steve Roller goes over some of the ways you can leave a lasting impact using your copywriting skills.

Thrive in the Brand-New World

Steve Roller has discovered new ways in which business is being conducted today, and how you can utilize this information to grow your freelance career.

How to Determine Your Value in the Marketplace

Landing a client is half the battle. Steve Roller walks us through the other half, working out the specifics of the deal.

How to Romance Your Clients for a Long-Term Relationship

Landing a client should never be a "one night stand." Creating a relationship with a client will not only keep the checks coming, but as Steve Roller explains, it can open the door to new relationships and possibilities as well.

Strategic Planning for Freelancers

Steve Roller lets you in on some secrets from the corporate world how planning can improve your business.

Solving the Cash-Flow Conundrum: The Three-Tiered Approach to Income Diversification

Steve Roller explains how to build a steady cash flow to launch your copywriting career.

Go From Paying the Bills to Maximum Thrills (and Start Enjoying the Finer Things in Life)

Steve Roller shares steps you can take in your freelance career that will let you do more than just pay the bills.

How to Become an Authority in 60 Days

Steve Roller shares steps freelancers can take to become an authority in their niche.

Seize (and Profit from) Your Cubic Centimeter of Chance

Steve Roller shows freelancers how to tell when an opportunity is worth acting on, and whether or not they have the skills, network, or capital to make it happen.

Reap What You Sow: How to Increase Your Harvest of New Clients

Steve Roller shares how freelancers can increase the amount of new clients they have by looking at their marketing techniques.

No Excuses and No Rationalizations: How to Live a Life of No Regrets

Steve Roller shares the keys to living a life of no regrets – and how to stop rationalizing and making excuses.

Mini-Sabbaticals: Rocket Fuel to Shortcut Your Path to The Writer’s Life

Steve Roller shares how a mini-sabbatical can benefit your freelance career –and your life.

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and ... Copywriting? What Makes the U.S. Great Spells Opportunity for You

Steve Roller shares how things that make the U.S. are the same things that can boost your productivity and your business.

A Copywriter's Declaration of Independence

Steve Roller shares how making a declaration about your freelance business can make your dreams feel more real – and make you more productive.

How to Become a Valuable Asset and Go-To Writer: 5 Tips to Ensure Ongoing Work

Steve Roller shares the five things you can do right now to ensure you are seen as a valuable asset and ensure ongoing work.

Winning at the Inner Game of Copywriting

Steve Roller shows you how to stop making excuses and overcome your self-doubt so that you can get your freelance copywriting career started.

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