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Your Eight-Step Guide to Becoming a Carefree Entrepreneur

Michael Masterson shares an eight-step guide to start making money by next week and how to leverage that money into a multimillion-dollar fortune over the next 10 years.

Become a "Carefree Entrepreneur" - and Retire With a Never-Ending Revenue Stream 12 to 24 Months From Today

Michael Masterson introduces a method that could help you retire next year, put the stress of the daily grind behind you and start living the good life.

Fear and Greed: Two Overrated Emotions - How to Become a Smarter and More Powerful Copywriter

Michael Masterson tells you to break one of the oldest “rules” of copywriting… and shows you what to do instead.

How to Enjoy the Writer’s Life Even if You Can’t Write Like a Professional

Michael Masterson lifts the curtain on how the world’s most prolific (and richest!) writers produce so much. Learn how this could create a great opportunity for you.

Are You Honest, Hard Working, and Financially Solvent? If So, Read This – You Won’t Like It, But You Should Read It Now

If you’re concerned about your financial future, you’ll appreciate this good advice from entrepreneur and master copywriter, Michael Masterson

The Power of One — One Big Idea

Today, Michael Masterson gets at the very heart of powerful, persuasive writing.

Making Omelets, Breaking Eggs and Sexist Ads

Michael Masterson follows up on his article “The Most Interesting Man in The World” where explains the secrets behind David Ogilvy’s classic advertising campaign. \

The Man in the Hathaway Shirt

Michael Masterson explains the secrets behind David Ogilvy’s classic advertising campaign.

How to Write Well: The World’s Simplest Formula

Michael Masterson’s definition of good writing can be applied to every sort of non-fiction writing like books, magazine articles, direct-mail sales letters, business correspondence, telemarketing scripts, and speeches. Learn this simple rule that will help you write well.

Using Daily Task Lists to Accomplish Your Goals

Michael Masterson explains how a daily task list can help you achieve your goals.

Heisting Hall of Fame Headlines

Michael Masterson shows how to make headlines in modern copywriting stronger by applying the structure of John Caples’s classic 1925 ad.

The 10% Solution – Mastering the Lead

Michael Masterson takes a look at one of the most common lead types – the ’problem/solution” lead.

Improve Your Copywriting Skills … How Long Should a Sales Letter Be?

Michael Masterson explains why direct-response marketing is not about fitting your sales pitch into a certain amount of space. It’s about finding the one person in a hundred who will give you the time you need to sell him.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom “Romance That Lasts a Lifetime”

Michael Masterson describes business with a client as a steadily improving romance that lasts a lifetime.

Your “Super-Sized” Goal for 2008

Michael Masterson accomplished a remarkable, even unbelievable, goal last year. He shows you how to do the same in this coming year.

How to Improve the Clarity of Your Writing

Michael Masterson shares a valuable writing tool that can help you improve your writing clarity.

How to Fail Forward – to Ensure Success

Michael Masterson reveals what to do when you get caught in a rewriting loop.

2 Essential Keys to Surpassing the Best in Your Field

Michael Masterson shares how to become better than the best in your field.

Secrets of a Master: Why This Headline Works

Michael Masterson shows you one small change that gives your headlines more power.

How to Become What You Want to Be

Michael Masterson on how to make your life what you want it to be.

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