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3 Ways You Can Leverage Your Copywriting Skills for Bigger Income

You can earn money offering your copywriting skills to clients or you can leverage your copywriting skills to increase your income in other ways.

Where is Your Best Copywriting Client?

Your best copywriting client might not be where you’ve been looking. Find out where Kathy Unfricht-Daly discovered her ideal target market.

How to Get Started as a Copywriter with a Day Job

Have you ever wondered how to get started as a copywriter while you still have a day job? Here’s how one copywriter did it!

Connect with Prospects by Understanding Them

Margot Howard has been able to connect with prospects by using her corporate experience to demonstrate that she understands them and their challenges.

A Lawyer’s Top 14 Tips for Asking Better Questions

Asking better questions when talking with your client can help you uncover hidden gems that can make your B2B copywriting projects much more effective.

How Gary Wright Found Success in His B2B Niche

Find out how Gary Wright landed his first copywriting client by choosing a B2B niche related to his expertise and experience.

7 Ways to Make Cold Calling Easy — and Successful

Cold calling can be scary but it doesn’t have to be! Use these seven tips to make cold calling easy so you can land more clients.

Use Event Marketing to Promote Your Web-Writing Business

Promote your web-writing business using events. Establish your credibility up front with your potential clients, and build your portfolio in the process.

How the Pokémon GO Craze Can Help You Find New Web-Writing Clients

Innovative businesses are taking advantage of the Pokémon Go craze in their online marketing. Take a look at how you can help your clients get on board.

Is Money or Passion the Key to a Profitable Niche?

You want a profitable niche. But you want to enjoy it, too. Here’s how you can find the perfect niche for your copywriting business.

Are You a Copywriter or a “Profit Accelerator”?

How can you sell your services to clients who are obsessed with profits... but not copywriting? Joshua Boswell says you need to be a profit accelerator.

7 Ways Writing Is Just Like Rock Climbing

How is freelance writing like rock climbing? It can be scary. But the triumph you feel when you do well is unsurpassed. The similarities don’t stop there.

Eight Ways to Become Better at Receiving Feedback

Receiving feedback from clients and other writers is one of the fastest ways to improve your skills. But it only works if you’re open to the process.

Land your dream client by following the 40-hour rule

Land your dream client by following some key advice about doing client research. Find out the best way to go the extra mile.

Create Opportunities and Wealth With Entrepreneurship

Web writing and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand. Find out how being a web writer sets you up to launch and grow your own business.

Optimizing headlines for search engines and social media

Writing good headlines is crucial for attracting effective SEO. Headlines are also important for getting your content shared in social media.

Overcoming Proposal Anxiety

Sending proposals should not be a nerve-wracking experience; it should be a normal part of how your business operates.

How I Made a Habit of Recording and Transcribing Interviews

Client interviews cover important facts that you need to recall. Here’s an easy way to capture every word that’s reliable and efficient.

How to Uncover the Big Question for Your Bait Piece

What could you write that would be valuable enough for people to give their email address? Mandy Marksteiner gives you some great ideas for writing your bait piece.

The Case of the Disappearing Fees: 6 Tricks to Take Control of Your ​Business and Income

Mandy Marksteiner tells you how to change your behavior in a few key ways so you can remain in control when navigating situations where payment terms seem up for debate.

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