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6 Reasons I Love Being an E-newsletter Writer

One simple skill can set you up in a writer’s life with predictable paychecks, and an easy workload. Here are six reasons to love this fun writing project.

How to Avoid Getting Your Newsletter Deleted

One of the easiest ways to create recurring income is to write e-newsletters. Businesses are eager to hire writers like you for this growing niche.

E-newsletters: Try Not to Do This

Copywriters who do what they sell have more success getting clients. Michael Katz looks at how this applies to e-newsletter subject lines.

Become the Leading Expert in Something

Michael Katz tells a great story of turning what may just be an interesting fact into a profitable focus for a freelance business.

Clearly and Simply State What You Do

Having a good answer to the “What does your company do?” question is both important and challenging. Michael Katz humorously informs us how he tackled the issue.