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Marketing vs. Sales, And Why Knowing The Difference Is Critical To Your Success

Marketing and sales are two different things. Here, Mike Klaussen shares the difference and why knowing it is critical to your success.

How Sending a Simple "Hello" E-Mail Led to a Speaking Invitation in Australia

Mike Klassen shares 6 tips that you can apply in your freelance business. Best of all, none will cost you any money.

Quick Tip: Annual Reports Make Profitable Year-Round Gig

Mike Klassen shares how you can boost your income designing annual reports.

So You Worry That Companies With an In-House Designer Won’t Hire You? Don’t!

Mike Klassen shares why even companies with in-house designers might need your services.

Hidden Secret of Successful Brochure Design

Mike Klassen shares tips for design successful brochures.

3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Design Career

Mike Klassen gives you three ways to get your freelance graphic design career off to a strong start.

Finding Work in Unexpected Places

Mike Klassen gives advice on finding freelance work.

Getting Paid What You’re Worth … First Time … Every Time

Mike Klassen shares advice on how to get paid the rate you want.

Quick Tip: Designing E-book Covers … Easily

Mike Klassen shares an easy way to design e-book covers.

Respect What the Copywriter Is Doing

Mike Klassen shares his advice on working with copywriters.

How Specialty Stock Photo Sites Can Make Your Photo Quest Easier

Mike Klassen shares his tips for expediting your photo search.

The Hardest Question to Ask Your Client (You'll Be Glad You Did!)

Mike Klassen gives you a simple way to increase your client satisfaction.

Quick Tip: Maneuvering the Commercial Printing Maze Safely

Mike Klassen shares great resources for learning about commercial printing.

Using Your Portfolio to Make the Strongest Impression Possible

Mike Klassen shows you how you can design a portfolio that will land you more of the assignments you want.

How to Make a Big Impression with Your Practice Exercises and Real-World Projects

Mike Klassen shows how you can turn your Graphic Design Success practices exercises into stand-out portfolio pieces.

Quick Tip: Free Publicity

Mike Klassen gives you two quick strategies for getting free publicity.

Promoting Your Online Newsletter

AWAI member Mike Klassen shares his techniques for creating and promoting your own online newsletter.