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Five Tactics to Study From Self-Help Controls

Hallie Mummert from Inside Direct Mail shows you what’s working in the self-help niche, by analyzing recent controls found in the Who’s Mailing What! Archive.

Build On What Is Already Working

Target Marketing’s Hallie Mummert demonstrates how an ING Direct envelope campaign successfully uses graphic elements to help their prospect figure out the offer more quickly.

2 “Better” Motivators

Hallie Mummert weighs in on the best emotional motivators for fundraising copy.

Prospect-Centric Copy is What the Doctor Ordered

Target Marketing's Hallie Mummert weighs in on how making your copy prospect-centric will get you better results.

Writing with the Web in Mind

Hallie Mummert gives tips for creating better online catalog copy.

Perfect Copy for an Imperfect World

Hallie Mummert reveals secrets to writing self-help copy that gets read.

Testing Tips to Make Your Magalog Matter

Hallie Mummert shares testing tips that can help you create a better magalog.

Customize Meaningful Travel Promotions for Prospects

Hallie Mummert weighs in on ways to write better travel promotions.

A Copywriter’s Master Class

Hallie Mummert reveals the details that make a difference in the success of your next direct response package.

Don’t Fear a Long Letter

Hallie Mummert shows you how longer letters can deliver success in the fundraising market.

Creative Insert Ideas

Advice from Hallie Mummert on how to create more compelling inserts for your financial packages.

Business-to-Business Prospects are People Too

Hallie Mummert shows how you can make your B2B promotion stronger by making it more personal.

Picking the Best Testimonials

Target Marketing's Hallie Mummert weighs in on how to select the best testimonials for your health promo.