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What Clients Look for in a B2B Copywriter

B2B copywriting master Steve Slaunwhite shares six assets B2B clients are looking for when hiring a copywriter.

The "Free to Shining Fee" Strategy

Quit working for free. Boost your project income with Steve Slaunwhite’s “Free to Shining Fee” Strategy. It’s simple and easy to implement.

The Not-So-Mysterious Art of Getting Clients

You’re not really “in business” until you have clients. Steve Slaunwhite gives you three easy steps to master the art of getting clients.

Do You Know Where Your "Prospect Ponds" Are?

Are you fishing in the wrong “Prospect Pond”? Steve Slaunwhite explains where you should be looking for prospects so you get more clients.

7 Ways to Wipe Out Price Resistance

Instead of negotiating your fee, be proactive and eliminate price resistance up front with these tips from Steve Slaunwhite.

4 Simple Rules for Getting More Repeat Business and Referrals

How do you get more repeat business and referrals from your clients? Steve Slaunwhite gives you four simple rules to follow.

How to Scratch Your Niche (And Attract More Clients)

Steve Slaunwhite explains three things you need to find out first before you can succeed in, and eventually dominate, a niche market.

Is B2B Copywriting for You? 5 Questions to Help You Decide

How can you be sure B2B copywriting is the best opportunity for you? Just answer these five questions from Steve Slaunwhite and find out!

9 Writing Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Steve Slaunwhite gives you 9 expert tips for boosting response on any B2B email you write. Which one will you try next time you write email copy?

Pricing Tip #2: When to Send the Quote. When to Follow-up.

How much time do you have to send a quote to a prospect before your chances of getting the job go away? Steve Slaunwhite’s answer may surprise you.

Pricing Tip #1: Quote Your REAL Services

Steve Slaunwhite shows you how to quote all the services you perform and not just your writing services so your fees are accepted by your prospect.

The Best Productivity Tip — Ever!

One simple change can make a big impact on your productivity. Steve Slaunwhite shares his number one secret for getting things done.

Like Writing for the Web? You’ll Love the B2B Market!

Web copywriters are discovering opportunities in B2B copywriting. Read more about the growing demand for freelance B2B web copywriters.

The Amazing 50-Minute Focus Technique

Steve Slaunwhite explains the technique that allows him to focus and get much more done each day. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

Why Small is the New Big for B2B Copywriters

Are you so busy chasing big companies that you’re missing a big opportunity? Steve Slaunwhite reveals who’s hiring B2B copywriters today.

What's Your Client Pick-up Line?

How do you make a positive first impression on a potential client? Steve Slaunwhite explains how a script can help.

How to Get Your Marketing Unstuck

If you’re not getting all the clients you want, there may be a problem in your marketing process. Here’s how to know where.

The Top 7 Ways to Get Great Clients

Finding and getting hired by great clients is a need every copywriter has. Steve Slaunwhite gives you the 7 best ways to get clients.

A Simple Secret to Getting Paid More

Want to earn a higher fee for the projects you handle? Steve Slaunwhite shares a secret to getting paid more for his work that you can put to use today.

Hottest Opportunities in B2B Web Writing

Steve Slaunwhite reveals where the money is being spent online in the B2B market, so that you’ll have a leg up when pitching potential clients.

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