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Cause Marketing Trends You Need to Know for Your Writing Business

Check out these cause marketing trends and see how, as a writer, you can help the organizations and causes you are passionate about all year-round.

10 Reasons Nonprofits Want to Hire Web Writers

Mindy McHorse lists 10 reasons nonprofits jump at the opportunity to hire web writers, including which web-writing skill benefits you most in each situation.

4 Reasons for the Explosion in Cause Marketing (and Why This Industry Is Here to Stay)

Even if you don't know the details or what it means, you probably have seen a sharp rise in cause marketing. Mindy McHorse lets you in on why it's more than just a fad.

1.8 Million Potential Clients Need You! Six Insider Tips to Writing for the Fundraising Market

Mary McNamara discovered how she could help good causes while making six figures working from home. Follow Mary’s tips for success, and you, too, can earn a great living while helping others.

2 “Better” Motivators

Hallie Mummert weighs in on the best emotional motivators for fundraising copy.

3 More Proven Techniques for Writing Winning Fundraising Copy

Find out three ways to improve your fundraising copywriting.

An Interview With Fundraising Master Kimberly Seville

Top fundraising copywriter Kimberly Seville reveals a 4-step process to get your first fundraising client. Plus, discover the most profitable kind of organizations to write for during this economic downturn.

Top 20 Mailers in the Fundraising Sector

List of the top 20 mailers in the fundraising sector.

Industry Spotlight: Fundraising

The following facts about the fundraising sector show that people are ready and willing to give. They also show that there is a great need for copywriters in this industry.

It’s Good to Know …

A quick fundraising tip from Rebecca McEldowney.

Breaking Into Fundraising with Mal Warwick

Fundraising copywriting expert Mal Warwick shows you how to write stronger fundraising packages.

Don’t Fear a Long Letter

Hallie Mummert shows you how longer letters can deliver success in the fundraising market.

Quick Tip: A Critical Element of Every Fundraising Appeal

Will Newman reveals a critical success secret for fundraising copywriters.

A Fundraising Copywriter's Opportunity Goldmine

AWAI member Lisa Sargent shares a resource every fundraising copywriter should know about.

How to "Customize" 7 Power Writing Secrets

Will Newman shows you how to hone writing secrets to fit your specific niche.

5 Secrets to Improve Your Success When Writing to Senior Donors

Will Newman reveals what you need to know about senior audiences when writing fundraising copy.

Quick Tip: The Changing World of Internet Fundraising

The Internet is changing the landscape of fundraising and creating opportunities for copywriters.

Getting Your Fundraising Envelope Opened, Part 2

Will Newman discusses how to write and design an envelop that will get your next fundraising package opened by more readers.

Getting Your Fundraising Envelope Opened, Part 1

Learn by example. See what works in the fundraising market when it comes to envelope formats and writing with benefits in mind.

The Changing Image of Women Donors

Writing for the fundraising market is lucrative if you know the trends and write to the correct demographics.

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