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The Give and Take of Web Writing

When you write web copy, it’s about more than writing conversational copy. It’s about actually joining in the online conversation. Find out what’s different.

Three Winning Strategies from the ‘Giants’ of Social Media

The San Francisco Giants aren’t just on top of baseball. They’re also on top of social media. Learn 3 proven strategies you can learn from their success.

What You Can Learn About Web Writing By Staying at a 5-Star Hotel

The next time you write web copy, try thinking of yourself as an online concierge. Your copy will be sharper, more engaging, and more useful.

Google Authorship is Dead! Now What?

Google Authorship has been discontinued. Find 7 ways that you can continue to grow your online reputation without this resource.

Using Long-Tail Keywords to Boost Your Traffic

70 percent of keyword searches use long-tail key phrase. Learn how you can use long-tail keywords to increase your website traffic.

Optimizing headlines for search engines and social media

Writing good headlines is crucial for attracting effective SEO. Headlines are also important for getting your content shared in social media.

5 Ways Trivia Can Make Your Content Spread Like Wildfire

Using trivia is a good way to increase the shareability of your content. Find out five ways you can use trivia when writing content.

Why You – and Your Clients – Need Cornerstone Content

Creating cornerstone content on your website can make your site easier to use and it can increase traffic.

The New Era of Video Marketing

Businesses seeing the most success with content marketing have one thing in common – the smart use of video.

Corporate Blogging is the New Black

B2B companies once shunned blogging as a way to attract clients, but they are now embracing it as a key part of their content marketing strategy.

Email is Dead … or IS It? (7,182 Potential Clients Don’t Think So)

Email marketing is not “dead.” It’s still the preferred mode of communication for the majority of consumers and is still the biggest driver of new leads.

5 Reasons Companies Hire This Kind of Web Writer

Cause marketing is a smart technique to have in your web-writing toolkit. Here are five reasons companies hire a writer who understands this world.

Map Your Content Marketing Strategy

No content strategy would be complete without a thorough understanding of how your audience searches for your content. Heather Robson explains why here.

How to Trade Up for Better-Paying Clients

Once you have some copywriting experience under your belt, you should raise your fees. Christina shares some techniques for landing better-paying clients.

Inbound Link-Building Practices: Don’t Be Put in Google “Time Out”

Inbound link building is still important to SEO success. However, breaking the rules could be devastating. Are you breaking any of them?

Grow Your B2B Writing Business With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undergoing a shift from just another social media site to a true publishing platform. Discover why that’s great news for copywriters.

3 Ways to Integrate Social Media with Content Marketing

Combining the right content with the right social media channels can boost sales. Here are 3 ways to connect social media efforts with content marketing.

5 Simple Strategies to Impress Every Web-Writing Client

Explaining web marketing opportunities to clients can be tricky. Christina shares her go-to techniques for conveying the importance of marketing tactics.

Avoid This Hidden Trap

Will Newman discusses the over 250 ways your prospect can be distracted, and how to get their attention back.

Self-Promotion Through Content Curation

Janice Sakata-Schultze provides you with three simple ways you can start curating content as a surprisingly effective self-marketing tool.

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