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The Only Sure Way to Make Real Progress This Year

Setting goals is the only sure way to make real progress this year, and Cindy Cyr shares how to set them and stick with them.

How to Create a Pricing Structure that Builds Consistent Income

Cindy Cyr shares tips on how to create consistent income and the secret to creating package plans.

How To Get All the Clients You Need from People You Already Know

Cindy Cyr shares how tapping into the network of people you already know is one sure way to get all the clients you need.

Is Your Present Mindset Keeping You From Reaching Your Full Potential?

Cindy Cyr shares how a proper mindset can make all the difference in whether you achieve your goals or not – and gives tips on how to get into a proper mindset.

The 19 Secrets to Selling Your Freelance Services Successfully

Cindy Cyr gives you a formula made up of a series of strategies, principles, and actions that will lead you to the financial freedom and work-from-anywhere lifestyle you’re longing for.

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Interviews with Cindy Cyr

Cindy Cyr: Keeping Family First

Cindy Cyr reveals a choice she made that transformed her writing business, and ultimately led to her success.

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Why AWAI Shouldn’t Be Celebrating 20 Years of Helping Writers

Katie Yeakle shares how, against the odds, AWAI has helped launch the careers of many aspiring writers — and why the future keeps getting better.

Living Proof: How Cindy Cyr’s Anger Fueled Her Escape from an Oppressing Job

You can break free from being a slave to your 9-to-5 job by living the writers life. Copywriting could be the niche that gives you freedom to do what you want.

Getting-Clients Tip … AWAIer Cindy Cyr Dispels the Myth That You Can’t Make Money Working for “Local” Clients

AWAIer Cindy Cyr shares the story of her success working for local clients.

Cindy Cyr

Copywriter Cindy Cyr

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