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Use These 4 Tips to Stop Writing the Hard Way and Write Smarter Instead

You’re already working really hard so you can’t work any harder. COS member Cindy Cyr offers four strategies for working smarter instead.

Six Reasons Creating An Info-Product Will Grow Your Writing Business

Discover six reasons why creating your own info-product is one of the best ways to grow your writing business.

Where To Find Info-Marketing Clients… Even If You’re A Complete Newbie

Discover three simple ways to find info-marketing clients even if you are just getting started as a copywriter.

How to Cash in by Providing a Turn-key Solution for Info-marketing Clients

Find out why info-marketing clients need so much copy and how to provide a turn-key solution that will keep writing assignments flowing your way.

Three Questions You Must Answer Before Creating an Info-Product

Create info-products that generate the maximum amount of income by researching these three questions before you create the info-product.

Discover A Lucrative, In-Demand Writing Opportunity Hidden In Plain Sight

Discover one of the best, most lucrative writing opportunities available today for beginners and pros alike that has an insatiable appetite for copy.

A Key Component to Increasing Your Writing Income While Keeping It Consistent and Reliable

A key component to a successful freelancer is the business side. Discover 4 things you must do to increase your income and keep it consistent and reliable.

Pick a Niche in 10 Minutes or Less and Watch Your Writing Income Soar

Picking a niche for your writing business saves time and can make your writing income soar. Find out how to pick your niche in 10 minutes or less.

Use These 4 Tips to Stop Writing the Hard Way and Write Smarter Instead

Learn how to improve your success at both writing and earning a living as a highly compensated writer by focusing on specific skills and exercises.

Fastest Way to Build Your Writing Muscles for Speed and Quality

Cut years off your learning curve using this writing exercise that helps you write noticeably faster and better in just a few weeks.

Discover a Simple Strategy to Living the Writer’s Life Faster and Easier

Avoid wasting time on ideas that won’t work with a quick strategy that gives you immediate feedback on whether or not you’re on the right track.

Upsells: The Secret to Instantly Increasing Your Writing Income Without Adding More Clients

Discover how adding upsells to your proposals can increase your writing income instantly. Earn more from existing clients, using this often overlooked method.

A 10-Minute Marketing Upsell Shortcut Guaranteed to Get Results

There’s no need to guess what marketing strategy will get results. Use this simple 10-minute shortcut to make upsell recommendations guaranteed to work.

Three Upsells You Can Prescribe That Will Increase Your Client’s Income

The best way to create ongoing assignments is to get results for your client. Use these three sure-fire strategies to increase your client’s income.

How to Consistently Make Impressive Recommendations for Your Clients

Discover four ways to make effective, efficient, and impressive recommendations that not only improve your clients’ results but help close business.

The Secret to Upselling Your Services That Most People Miss

It’s always a good idea to offer an upsell to your clients. Use this 3-step method to confidently create the right upsell offer every time.

The Key to Expanding Your Writing Income Without Having to Add More Clients

Discover how to earn more from your existing clients, or expand your income instantly when you land a new one, using this often overlooked method.

Turning Your Customer Into a Repeat Customer

Once you’ve landed a customer you need to make sure you have something else to sell them! Most companies make the majority of money by selling their customers additional products.

Determining What Information Products to Sell

Make sure to research your target market, and ensure there’s a need or desire for the product you’re thinking about developing before your start developing the product.

Know Your Info Marketing Market

In info marketing it’s crucial to build a loyal following of dedicated fans and readers. Make sure your target is responsive and reasonably profitable to go after.

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