Joshua Ford

Articles by Joshua Ford

Make Your Website Work for You

Your own website is a great way not only to attract potential new clients but convert them into paying clients.

Living Proof: How Roy Furr’s Sliver of Confidence Led to a Six Figure Income

The mistake many aspiring writers make is putting their passion for writing on the back burner. However, if you go after it, you’ll be surprised at the results.

Living Proof: Joshua Boswell Gains Control Through Copywriting

Copywriting allowed Joshua Boswell to live the life of his dreams, make the money he once only ever imagined, and do it all from home.

Five Ways to Keep Clients Happy and Coming Back to You

Here are five proven strategies to keep clients happy so they'll hire you for most all of their copy needs over and over again.

A Simple Marketing Secret for Landing New Clients

To land new clients for your copywriting business, use this proven marketing technique.

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