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Stop Reinventing the Wheel: Use Templates to Jump-Start Your Designs

Roger Parker shows you how to be more productive as a designer by using design templates.

Put Your Prospect in the Mood to Buy

Roger Parker reveals how design choices can turn a direct mail piece from okay into a control.

How to Use Graphic Design in Your Package to Put Your Prospect in the Mood to Buy

Discover how graphic design choices affect the success of your copy.

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Interviews with Roger C. Parker

Roger Parker's 3 Commandments of Effective Design

In an interview, Roger Parker reveals the three rules he uses for every design to make sure his packages are effective.

Graphic-Design Pro Roger C. Parker on Copywriting, Design and Being an Entrepreneur

Advice to copywriters from a professional graphic designer.

More About Roger C. Parker

Quick Tip: Master Pages – A Shortcut to Consistency, Productivity, and Profit

Find out how Master Pages can give your career a boost.

Choosing the Right Computer System, Part 5: Graphic Gadgets Demystified

Graphic design experts share their thoughts on graphic design gadgets.

Choosing the Right Computer, Part 4: The Printer

Get advice from graphic design experts on choosing the best printer to go with your computer.

Choosing the Right Computer, Part 3: Customizing Your System So It Works for You

Design Experts share the three most important configuration decisions – processor type and speed, memory (RAM), and hard drive space.

From the IFD Mailbag … Valuable Design Resources

A list of valuable design resources. Information on photo editing software.

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