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The Secret Psychology of Becoming a Great Copywriter

Mike Palmer hit a point in his career where he almost gave up. So did Will Newman. So might you. Understanding the psychology will help you push through.

The “Gold Rush Secret” to Making Money as a Freelance Copywriter

By following the money, you can have lasting success as freelance copywriter. And the money path points toward the information publishing industry.

These Alternative Health Copywriting Secrets Can Double or Triple Your Success Regardless of Your Niche

When Will Newman started writing in the health niche, he didn't grasp how to handle the emotion of fear in his copy, until he learned two important secrets.

Mark Ford’s Secret for Making Your Headlines Better Than 95% of all Headlines Written Today

Mark Ford tells us captivating headlines must promise a future benefit to succeed. He also tells us they must express this other type of benefit too.

Why Do Some Copywriters Get Rich, While Others Don’t? It’s Not Talent

Master Copywriter Mike Palmer doesn’t believe talent has much to do with your getting rich as a copywriter. Here’s what he says makes the difference.

I Want to Meet YOU in Person

What would entice a self-described introverted “cave bear” out of his home to travel 2,867 miles? It’s the people he’ll meet when he gets there.

How a “Second Pair of Eyes” Can Increase Your Freelance Writing Income

One of the greatest joys of freelance writing is being able to "do it on your own." It's also one of its greatest pitfalls. Here's an easy solution.

Three More Advanced Techniques from Clayton to Persuade Prospects to Buy

Clayton Makepeace’s strategies for convincing prospects to buy have made him a millionaire many times over. What can they do for you?

Let Me Introduce You to My Mistress

Writing is more than a career. It’s a source of great pleasure. Here’s how to get the pleasure and without having to chase around after clients.

Use this “Secret Weapon” for More Successful Writing

An essential lesson Circle of Success members learn is to “write tight,” which is all about keeping your writing simple.

Mark Twain, Copywriter? Here’s What You Can Learn from Him

Mark Twain is one of America’s most influential writers. But does he have anything to teach you about copywriting? Surprisingly… a great deal.

The Golden Thread that Pulls Your Prospect Toward Saying “Yes”

Your prospect buys when you capture his emotions with a powerful promise/benefit combo that follows a “golden thread” through your entire promotion.

How to Talk to Your Prospect to Build a Winning 3-D Image and Promo — Without Ever Talking to Him

Demographics and psychographics don't give enough info for a 3-D prospect image. You must talk to him. Here’s how to do that without talking to him.

The Story Behind The Highest-Paid Copywriter Today and What He Can Tell You about Achieving The Writer's Life

Today’s “highest-paid copywriter” didn't start out that way. In fact, if you'd asked his high school chemistry teacher, he would've said Clayton Makepeace would be a failure.

Copywriting Exercises: Are You a Better Speller Than Will Newman? (It's Not That Hard!)

As writers, our greatest allies are words. But they can also be demons when they refuse to spell themselves correctly. Here's a fun look at frequently misspelled words.

Adopting the Mindset That Lets You Write Great Copy

Achieving the writer's life is about more than just writing great copy. It's about adopting a mindset that lets you write that great copy.

The Only Person Who Can Really Tell You About Your Prospect

Demographics and psychographics are a good starting place for getting to know your prospect as a real person. But there's only one person who can fill out the picture completely.

Don’t Be Fooled by the ‘Big Lie’ of Copywriting

Many so-called copywriting experts will lead you astray, feeding you misinformation about capturing your prospect’s emotions. Don’t fall for this ‘big lie.’

Ignore This Essential Copywriting ‘Rule’ From Mark Ford and Risk the Success of Your Copy

Many writers of all stripes make a serious error that dilutes the effectiveness of their writing. But for a copywriter, this error can be deadly.

The Most Important Words in Copywriting

Ask many writers what the most important word in copywriting is, they’ll say “free” or “you.” They’re wrong. That honor belongs to words called “the heartbeat of a sentence."

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