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This MacGyver-like Tool Will Set You Apart …

Even when you’re armed with a detailed contact list, a swipe file and knowledge about copywriting, it’s your creativity that will set you apart from the rest.

Use MacGyver-like Knowledge to Solve Your Clients’ Problems

Copywriters who are resourceful, knowledgeable, and confidently provide services that solve their clients’ problems are always in high demand.

Create Opportunities by “Swiping” Ideas

Duct tape is a simple tool MacGyver used to creatively solve complex problems. As a copywriter, you should have a similar type of tool in your arsenal.

“MacGyver” Your Way to More Clients …

Similar to MacGyver’s trusted Swiss Army knife, your contact list is a multifaceted tool you can use to become a resourceful and successful freelance writer.

Create Opportunities with MacGyver-like Resourcefulness

Linda Wilkinson shows how to find new clients and creatively solve challenges with some simple tools and resources that are available to all copywriters.

Doing the Happy Dance Together...

Linda Wilkinson gives you some solid ways to keep your mastermind group in touch.

Finding your own Positive Committee…

Want to start a mastermind group but aren't sure where to look for fellow copywriters? Linda Wilkinson provides some ideas for finding like minded peers.