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How to Search (and Find) Paid Content Writing Jobs

Article writing is a simple – practically risk-free – way to launch a successful writing career. Learn how to find your first paying project.

A Quick Route to Paid Writing Projects

Here’s a quick and easy route to paying projects for any aspiring writer. It’s something you can start right away, even while working a full-time job.

5 Online Writing Jobs You Can Start Today

Basic direct response writing skills set you up to prosper from five online writing job opportunities that are hot right now. Find out what they are.

5 Truths to Make Web Writing Easier

The truth about web writing might surprise you. Here, you’ll learn five truths that will make your web-writing career easier.

Research Tips to Capture More Web-Writing Clients

If you’re having a hard time writing your own marketing materials, you may be forgetting a very important step – research. Use these research tips to help.

Guarantee Your Web-Writing Business – Without Getting Ripped Off

Find out how you can guarantee your web-writing services without worrying about clients taking advantage of you. Plus learn the one mistake you must avoid.

Grabbing the Attention of Potential Clients

Getting client attention is key to any successful marketing campaigns. Christina Gillick shares how to grab attention when promoting yourself.

How to Speed Up the Process of Creating Your Own Personal “Writer’s Life”

How long will building your writer’s life puzzle take? As Christina Gillick explains, it’s different for everyone. Here’s one way to speed up the process.

“Clicking” Your Writer’s Life Puzzle Into Place

Christina Gillick explains how to make the details of your writer’s life puzzle come to life by working on the sections between the center and the edges.

Creating the Central Image of Your Freelance Business

Just as most jigsaw puzzles have a central image that ties the whole thing together, the middle of your writer’s life puzzle is your freelance website.

Assembling the Framework for Your “Writer’s Life” Puzzle

Choosing a niche is like putting the side pieces in place as you build your own personal writer’s life puzzle. It gives you a framework for your business.

The First Step in Building Your Own Personal “Writer’s Life”

A solid plan is vital to success. Knowing the basics of persuasive writing is like putting the corner pieces of your writer’s life “puzzle” into place.

How to Appear Everywhere Online

A strong web presence is important for every web writer. It brings you business, and demonstrate your expertise. Learn how to appear everywhere online.

How to Write an Email Signature that Brings You Business

Adding a professional email signature to your email programs can help you attract more referrals and more projects.

33+ Paid Web-Writing Opportunities

If you’re going to succeed as a web writer, you must market yourself. What better way to do that than with paid writing opportunities.

How to Trade Up for Better-Paying Clients

Once you have some copywriting experience under your belt, you should raise your fees. Christina shares some techniques for landing better-paying clients.

5 Simple Strategies to Impress Every Web-Writing Client

Explaining web marketing opportunities to clients can be tricky. Christina shares her go-to techniques for conveying the importance of marketing tactics.

Get Paid for Every Click!

Don’t like the idea of creating your own information product? Try promoting affiliate products and services that you recommend. You’ll earn a commission on every sale!

What Are You Selling?

Another great way to add income to your business is by creating information products to sell on your website. Learn what kinds of products you can promote.

How Much is Your Opinion Worth?

Once your website is up and you’re booking clients, start adding services like consulting, site audits, etc. It’s a great way to bring in extra income.

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