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12 Simple Tips for Working Less and Earning More

If you’re interested in working fewer hours — or increasing your hourly rate — use these tips from Christina Gillick to maximize your working hours.

How to Get More Freelance Gigs

Your website will become one of the best sources for getting paid writing jobs. You’ll be amazed at all the clients you can attract with a professional looking website.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Freelance Business

Every freelance writer should have a website. Christina Gillick shares the fastest way to get your website up and running, and how to start booking clients with it.

Recommit to Your Goals Daily

Recommit to achieving your goals daily. Remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. This will help you stay motivated and energized!

How to Make Your Goals More Attainable

Make your goals more attainable by breaking them into smaller tasks that all serve the purpose of reaching your end goal. Do something every day to work towards your goal.

Goals - Write Them Down!

Reach your goals by writing them down and reviewing them often. Almost every expert agrees that this increases the chances of you reaching your goals.

How to Finally Make Progress on Even Your Most Neglected Goals

Christina Gillick has a great technique for helping you prioritize your tasks and get more done.

Setting Goals: What’s in it for YOU?

Make sure your goals are truly for you and that you’re passionate about them. Goals shouldn’t be about pleasing someone else. Make sure there’s something in it for you!

How to "Do Better" This Year

New year’s resolutions are usually centered around the same thing – doing better. If you would like to do better at something this year, start by setting goals.

6 Steps to Being Unshakably Committed to Your Goal

How do you take those dreams – whatever they may be – and convert them to goals that are specific, actionable, time-oriented and realistic? Christina Gillick shows you how.

Leapfrog Over Years of Trial and Error …

It’s not always necessary to “reinvent the wheel.” There are tons of writers who have been successful before you. Learn from their successes and failures.

Get More Done in Less Time …

Here are some tips to help you save time. Create templates, checklists, and questionnaires for tasks you know will be repeated. That way you have a resource you can easily refer back to.

Is Your Task List Realistic?

Build a focus list of the most important things you want to finish. If you have other things you want to accomplish, put them on another list and come back to them later.

How to Avoid Information Overload

You may feel overwhelmed with all the new information you can learn, but don’t worry because you don’t need to know everything. Start by specializing in something and be yourself.

Live Your Passion Without Stress

If you’re unsure how to advance your writing career ... uncertain of the best way to approach a client … or stuck on a new project … don’t stress. Find someone to talk to.

10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity and Crank Out Killer Copy

As a writer it’s essential that you don’t let stress and repetition get in the way of your creativity. These 10 tips should help you boost creativity every day.

E-Newsletters: A Consistent Monthly Income

Adding services to your freelance copywriting business is a great way to diversify your income. E-newsletters are a great add on service that bring in extra steady income.

Create a Business You Can Be Proud Of …

Building a money-making website is a lot of fun when you’re writing about something you’re passionate about. What do you like writing about?

Do You Write for Yourself?

Money-making websites are a great way to practice your writing skills while also doing something you love. Pick a topic and think how you can monetize it!

9 Ways to Increase Your Name Recognition

Christina Gillick helps you find opportunities to market your freelance business.

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