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You Need More Than One Client

Relying on work from only one client isn’t always the best idea. You should always be marketing your services and looking for more clients to work for!

How to Diversify Your Income Streams

It's a good idea to have several sources of income as a freelancer. Choose a niche, and then find several ways to diversify your income in that niche.

8 Ways to Diversify Your Freelance Income

Christina Gillick gives you eight ways you can diversify your freelance career as it's getting off the ground, to set a good foundation for your copywriting business.

How to Create Your Name Recognition Strategy … So Clients Come TO You

Christina Gillick helps you set up a marketing system that will have clients coming to you.

How to Develop Web-Writing Habits That Stick

We all know with fewer bad habits and more good habits we’ll succeed faster. Heather Robson helps you make the good one's stick.

How to Schedule Your Paychecks with E-Newsletters

E-newsletters are a great source of steady income! Businesses send out newsletters on a regular basis, so as long as you keep writing them, you’ll keep getting paid!

Why B2B is a Great Niche for Freelancers

B2B is one of the most secure copywriting niches, and a great place to start if you’re just getting started and about to make the transition. Check out the pros and cons.

Like Telling Stories? Turn it into a Steady Income

Writing case studies is like telling a good story, and it’s another great source of predictable income. Ed Gandia’s mastered this process and has a formula it.

Build Passive Income with a Money-Making Website

Money-Making websites are a great source of passive and predictable income. They’re easy to set up, fun to build, and a great place to put your skills to practice.

How to Build a Steady, Passive Income

A steady, predictable income is a big concern for freelancers just getting started. Build your passive income … and learn how to make the transition less risky.

Turn “Making the Leap” Into a Risk-Free Adventure

Making the leap from full-time job to freelancer doesn’t always have to be risky. Learn how you can bring in steady income streams while in the transition process.

Business Journaling … The Secret to Web Writing Success?

Business Journaling is a great tool to keep your web copywriting business organized. Keep track of projects, ideas, and client info with these tips!

The Last Hurdle

Christina Gillick overcomes one last hurdle to getting started: choosing a path.

You Don't Have to be Perfect

Christina Gillick reevaluates what it takes to get your freelance business started.

Just Ask!

Christina Gillick steps up her expectations, and gets great results!

You Have a Choice

Christina Gillick talks about how to develop a positive mindset.

6 Freelancing Truths I Didn’t Believe

Christina Gillick shares six things that helped her no longer feel that freelance copywriting is “too good to be true.” Instead, she now knows it really is better than she imagined.

How's Your Mindset?

Whether you’re just getting started — or want to take your business to the next level — improving your mindset is crucial. Christina Gillick discusses her own mindset improvements.

Use Email Marketing to Effortlessly Follow Up With Potential Clients

Christina Gillick explains the vast benefits having an email list can give a freelance copywriter, and how you can reap the rewards of your own list.

The Writing Tip That Changed My Career Path

Christina Gillick shares a classic tip that can help anyone's copywriting.

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