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Six Steps for Choosing and Using a Big Idea

Christina Gillick gives you the one question she asks every time she starts to write copy, and why it is so vital.

Find Benefits By Asking, “So What?”

Christina Gillick helps you find the very best benefits to help promote your client's product.

Back to the Basics — The Foundation of Great Copy

Every copywriting assignment should start in a similar manner. Christina Gillick helps you get each project off on the right foot.

Great Research Equals Great Writing (Without Writer's Block)

Christina Gillick lays out the steps she takes for researching each product.

The Step No Writer Can Afford to Skip

Christina Gillick tells of missing a key step for a client, and how you can avoid making the same mistake.

The Short, Simple, Easy Projects I’m Really Excited About

Christina Gillick tells you why she has chosen her specialty.

How to Choose a Writing Specialty

Knowing the importance of having a specialty, Christina Gillick has some tips for picking the right one for you.

Why All Writers Should Combine a Niche and Specialty to Get Paid Sooner

Choosing both a specialty and a niche can help you get your copywriting business up and running fast. Christina Gillick lets you in on how.

Get Your Writing Business Up and Running Now by Specializing

Christina Gillick explains the difference between specializing in an area of copywriting, and choosing a copywriting niche.

What I Learned About Specializing From the “Queen of QVC”

Christina Gillick explains the basic idea behind "specializing".

Your Next Step

Christina Gillick gives you seven reasons why you should stop procrastinating and build your freelance website now.

Bit By Bit...

Christina Gillick helps you breakdown those huge tasks into manageable chunks.

6 Faster Ways to Get Started As a Freelance Writer

Here are six things Christina Gillick would do to skip over those years of hearing about copywriting and go straight to freelancing.

Motion Beats Meditation

Christina Gillick wants you to take the first step, push the rock over the edge, dive in, get your freelance career going!

Our Parents Were Right!

Christina Gillick cuts through your objections and explains why a freelance website is not just a good idea, but a necessary one.

The Moment Everything Changed

Christina Gillick reminisces on the small changes it took to change from "aspiring writer" to "freelance copywriter".

A Simple Solution for Really Focusing

Christina Gillick has a great trick to keep you focused and productive.

The Fastest Way to Gain Confidence

Christina Gillick gives you the fastest way possible to gain confidence and launch your freelance business.

Do You Feel Like an Imposter?

Suffering "imposter syndrome"? Christina Gillick has been there and has some solutions to help you gain confidence in yourself.

Act Like a Pro

Treating your freelance copywriting business in a professional manner will not just increase productivity, but your self-confidence as well. Christina Gillick explains.

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