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Declare Your Personal Independence Day

For years Roy Furr dreamed of the freedom of the writer’s life. Then he realized one important thing. Follow his steps to your “Personal Independence Day.”

How to Get Copywriting Royalties on Every Copywriting Project You Land

Royalties are coveted by copywriters in all niches, yet are hard to negotiate. Roy Furr explains how to get royalties on all your work.

An Easy, No-Pressure Way to Make Your Copy Sell More

Roy Furr shares how education is a powerful form of salesmanship.

This Roadblock Has Been Holding Me Back

Roy Furr opens up about something that's been holding him back from success, how you can avoid it, and how he overcame it.

The Last Opportunity for the American Dream?

Roy Furr shares why he things the American Dream isn't dead - and what this means for your freelance career.

Get More of What You Want

Roy Furr shows you how to get more of what you want by focusing on what other people need.

Live The Writer’s Life Without Ever Writing a Single Word

Roy Furr shares how you can live the writer’s life without being a writer simply by helping other copywriters in one crucial area.

How to Get Focused and Actually Work Less

Roy Furr discusses how you can work less when you get focused - and how this can have a positive impact on your success as a freelancer.

Easy Time Management for Copywriters and Other Freelancers

Roy Furr shares his time management tips that will help copywriters and other freelancers alike become more productive.

What Are You Thinking? Right Now!

Roy Furr shares a technique that will motivate you and inspire you to remain on track to success in your freelance business.

Work at Home as an Internet Research Specialist [video]

Internet Research Specialist Roy Furr shows you what a typical day in the life of a work from home internet research specialist would look like – and how you can start your career today!

An Open Letter to Aspiring Freelancers...

Roy's back with his final post aimed at helping you live the life you've always dreamed.

Unemployed? Underemployed?

In his fourth post out of a five-part series aimed at helping you live the live you've always dreamed of, Roy Furr talks about unemployment and underemployment – as a roundabout way of pointing you toward living your dreams!

Do You Suffer from Individualism?

Roy's back with the third part of his five-part series on living the live you've always dreamed of.

The Real Secret to Success in Becoming a Freelance Copywriter

Roy Furr shares the real secret you’ll need to know to become a successful freelance copywriter.

Your Own Personal Holiday

Roy Furr is back with his second post out of a five-part series on helping you create the life you've always dreamed of.

What Are You Waiting For?

Roy Furr begins a 5-part series aimed at helping you make the leap from aspiring to full-time freelance writer.

Your Personal Independence Day

When was your personal Independence Day look like? Roy Furr shares how you’ll know when you’ve arrived.

Kettlebell Snatches, Goal Setting, and How to Make Millions of Dollars

Roy Furr shares how setting goals – and sticking to them - will help copywriters make millions of dollars.

Copywriting Royalties: How to Get Them

Roy Furr shares how copywriters can earn copywriting royalties.

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