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This Roadblock Has Been Holding Me Back

Roy Furr opens up about something that's been holding him back from success, how you can avoid it, and how he overcame it.

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The Copywriter's Ultimate Business Card

Roy Furr explains how publishing a book can help a copywriter gain credibility and as a published author, get more clients, and command higher copywriting fees.

Is "Too Easy" Killing Your Copy?

Roy Furr explains what copywriting mistake can kill the response rate of a sales letter, and what you can do to avoid this mistake in your copy.

The Secret to Speed Writing?

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Feel the Fear, Do It Anyway

Find out how Roy Furr overcame his fears and became a full time freelancer.

The Single-Most Important Thing To Do When Starting Your Business

Find out the single most important thing for you to do when starting your spare-time business.