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Use This Quick Checklist to Help Ensure Your Client’s Offer is Irresistible

Sandy Franks shares a checklist that you can use to create irresistible offers for your clients.

The Simple Drilling Down Process that Makes Your Copy Feel More Real

Sandy Franks shares a simple "drilling down process" that makes your copy feel more real and compelling … and gets the response you're looking for from your readers.

This Legendary Writer Knew How to get Readers to Say Yes within the First Few Sentences of Copy

Sandy Franks shares some tips for writing winning sales copy from a legendary copywriter.

The Ultra-Curious Way to Write an Attention Getting Headline with 100% Confidence

Sandy Franks shares 5 tips to create curiosity for headlines.

Why Getting to the Heart of Your Reader’s Core Emotion Matters Most

Sandy Franks shares why it’s crucial to get your reader’s core emotion.

To Go from Good to In-demand Writer, Know What Your Prospect is Feeling

Sandy Franks layers in a copywriting lesson that will make your copy more effective … by further "meeting your reader where they are" when they read it.

Enhance Your Copy and Content Writing Skills by Following This Golden Rule of Writing

Have you ever read something and completely spaced out? Or started thinking about what you're reading? Rather than just reading? This is the kiss of death for us writers … Because the minute a reader gets distracted, your chances of moving them forward toward action come crashing down. The fix? Something we call the golden rule of good writing … Like many great copywriting principles, it appears simple on the surface. But when consistently used, it makes everything you write more effective. It's also an easy way to improve copy and content others have already written. (Great way to provide value when you're just starting out!)

From Good to Great: Creating Daily Writing Habits

You become a great writer by writing regularly … daily in fact. In our industry, the A-list copywriters like Clayton Makepeace, Mike Palmer, Marcella Allison, and Jedd Canty weren't overnight successes. By this I mean, they didn't wake up one day, decide to write a sales letter, and the next day it broke records for their clients. And they don't possess a special writing gene. Nope, instead they were constantly learning and constantly writing. That is the only way to become a better writer. You must practice your craft. Sandy Franks shares a few tips on how you can go about upping your writing skills by practicing.

A Simple Technique That Fixes Boring Passages of Copy (and Instantly Creates Points of Curiosity for Your Reader)

Boring copy is dismissible. Which means the results will be lower … Which means you're leaving money on the table — both for your clients, and for yourself. Fortunately, the technique Senior Copy Chief Sandy Franks teaches below is a cure for boring, dismissible copy.

This Technique Makes Your Copy 10x Stronger and You’ll Want it to Become Part of Your Writing Habit (It’s What All A-List Copywriters Do to Ensure Winning Packages)

Reading copy (even content) out loud became a regular part of our writing routine. And it's something all A-list copywriters do without fail. Why? Because reading out loud helps you pick up little nuisances that could have an impact on response and or conversion rates … for example, awkward transitions that can stop a reader. When your reader moves from one paragraph to another, he/she expects it to flow naturally. But if there's an awkwardness, the reader begins to wonder what's going on. And the minute that happens … your reader isn't paying attention to the copy any longer.

How Borrowing an Idea Saved Thanksgiving for One Company and Created a New Type of Food for Everyone Else (and four ways you can win more clients)

Sandy Franks shares a Thanksgiving story and the lessons on what you can take away from this story to help advance your writing career.

These Three Elements Give Stories More Meaning to Your Reader (and gets them to take action)

Sandy Franks breaks down the three elements of a good story, and gives you direction on how to incorporate them in every story you write … Giving your stories more meaning to your reader …And ultimately, getting them to take action.

Use Statistics in Sales Copy But Do it This Way to Add Credibility to Your Message

Sandy digs into how you can use statistics in your sales copy while adding credibility and proof.

The Copywriter’s List of Pet Peeves: What Not To Do

Peeves cause distraction. And as Sandy Franks shows in this article, a distracted reader is not a reader who stays connected … and is certainly not a reader who takes action. She walks through her personal list of "copywriting pet peeves," and shows you how to correct them … so you don't lose the reader.

A Behind-The-Scenes Look into Creating Direct Response Copy (Plus 11 Other Rules for Writing from Legendary Copywriter David Ogilvy)

Sandy Franks shares a lesson for you from one of the greatest copywriters of our time, David Ogilvy.

Earn Three Times As Much Money Writing Customer Retention Projects … While Helping Clients Grow Their Customer Base and Business

Clients love it when a writer can step in and help them build long term relationships with their customers. And when you do that, you’re able to make a lot of money. Learn three different ways you can get paid with customer retention projects.

Understanding the Five Stages of the Customer Journey and How to Match a Copy Style that Reflects Exactly What Your Prospect is Thinking and Feeling

Learn how to understand the five stages of the customer journey and how to write in a way that matches how your prospect is feeling.

It’s a Fact: Humans Are Hardwired for Stories… Tell Us About Your Story in Less Than 400 Words… and You Might Get Paid $200 for Your Effort!

Practice is the best way to keep improving as an online copywriter. Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a master.

If You Can Uncover an Unusual Piece of Information and Turn It into an Article, You Might Be Awarded a $200 Prize

Practice is the best way to keep improving as an online copywriter. Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a master.

Here’s How to Get Paid to Write Feel-Good Stories for Your Clients

Writing case studies is no different from writing a good story. And because companies rely on them so much, you could earn a handsome living as a specialist when you know how to write these customer success stories.

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