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Train to Become an In-Demand UX Writer (with Clients Everywhere You Look)

Companies are giving priority to writers who know how to write copy and content that offers website visitors a great user experience. Be the UX writer they hire and you could be earning up to 50% more for your writing skills.

Revealed: Simple Writing Projects that Pay $3,000 a Pop

The Business-to-Business (B2B) industry is desperate for well-trained writers. This B2B expert reveals insider secrets to writing projects that pay $3,000 a pop.

Here’s How to Claim up to 90% Off Your Favorite Writing Programs

Pick from hand-selected training and business-building programs designed to get you up and running this year. You can get them at up to a huge 90% discount.

Six Writing Projects Worth $1,000 Each

Writing sales enablement copy and content for the B2B market is the fastest path to high-paid writing. Companies need writers to create the materials used by the sales team, giving them the tools they need to engage prospects.

Epic Spike in This Writing Project Leads to $2,000 Payouts

Newsletters are going through a great resurgence and have gained in popularity. That’s why you could get paid $1,500 or $2,000 an issue as a newsletter writing specialist.

7 Direct Response Triggers Companies Use to Get Customers

Each stage of the customer buying journey is a chance to make money because someone has to write all the necessary marketing materials. Copywriters who know how to do so and trigger a response are indispensable to clients — and make big money.

Get Paid as Much as $7,500 to Keep Learning

The difference between earning a few hundreds of dollars as a “project” writer — and the potential for tens of thousands of dollars per assignment as a Direct Response Copywriting Specialist — comes down to knowing just “a little bit more” than the next writer.

Tailored Guidance to Help You Grow Your Freelance Business and Income

Work with AWAI’s brand-new Copywriter Concierge and get a tailor-made game plan that will help you get clients, and build your career while putting more money in your bank account just as quickly as possible.

Ready, Set, Launch Your Freelance Writing Business in 30 Days

Let our team of business-building experts give you the knowledge and confidence to launch your freelance writing career in 30 days or less.

A Shot at Making Your First $2,500 with an Unusual Writing Project

The global pandemic set the wheels into motion — making video script writing one of the most explosive writing opportunities for 2021 and beyond. Here’s how easy it is to get started.

Doing This One Thing Opens Doors to Industry Insiders

Joining Circle of Success is one of the best decisions you can make to advance your career and get on the path to building a six-figure writing income.

This Freelance Opportunity Is RED Hot (Payouts as High as $5,000)

When businesses want to edge out their competition, they work with writers who can create quality content that gets attention and draws traffic. This is a red-hot opportunity for content writers.

Write Short Paragraphs of Copy and Make a Quick $2,000

Chatbot script writing is becoming more in-demand these days, creating incredible opportunities where you can earn $2,000 for writing a few short paragraphs of copy.

The Truly Big Money in Copywriting Is in Writing Direct-Response Sales Letters

Writing direct-response sales letters is where big money lies in our industry, because you can charge huge fees AND get paid royalties every time the client sends out your letter. Learn more here…

The Somewhat Backward Way of Writing Control-Busting Sales Copy

Use this somewhat backward way of writing control-busting long-form sales copy and at the same time magically banish writer’s block for good. This trick will save you time and improve the copy you write too.

The High Value of Direct-Response Sales Letters

The purpose of direct-response marketing… to get people to take a specific action… is as important today as it was years ago when the long-form sales letter was first created. The internet hasn’t changed that, and the demand for sales letter writers is as high as ever.

The Sneaky “Slippery Slide” Technique for Writing Web Copy

Legendary copywriter Joe Sugarman developed this clever writing technique, and you can use it for all your web writing projects because it keeps the reader engaged from start to finish.

Low Competition, Big Opportunity to Earn as Much as $2,000

By specializing in auditing website content, you could easily earn as much as $2,000 for each one you do. And if you also rewrite the content, you can get paid twice by the same client.

Blogging, the Perfect Way to Build Your Copywriting Business

Blogging is one of the critical strategies marketers use to get traffic to their websites and they need well-trained writers to help them reach their goals. Writing blogs for clients is just one more way to grow your freelance business.

Big Writing Gigs Up for Grabs in This $2.1 Trillion Industry

B2B sales departments are in desperate need of a new genre of writers who specialize in sales enablement copy. You’ll be creating content and templates that help turn prospective clients into paid customers, while earning up to $5,000 a project.

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