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Are You a Good Fit

Freelance copywriting takes a certain kind of person. Not everyone is successful. Answer these 11 questions to see if you're a good fit for the freelancing lifestyle.

Corporate Jobs vs. Freelancing

Are you ready to make the switch? There are benefits to both, but when you look at promotions, vacations, and income you’ll see the benefits to freelancing!

Developing Your Two Year Plan

It takes about 2 years for most people to get established as a copywriter. The key to your income is: monthly clients and a couple additional projects each month.

3 Simple Steps to Set Yourself Apart

Steve Roller explains how to give yourself a promotion as a copywriter: choose a business name, give yourself a good title, and show what you can do.

How to Stake Your Claim as a Copywriter

Steve Roller gives 3 tips for copywriters just getting started: have a two year horizon, develop a sense of individualism, and commit to yourself to make it work.

The Final Checkpoint to Breaking Barriers

Steve Roller helps you keep up with the ever-evolving copywriting world.

How to Get Your Copy to a B+ or A- Faster

Steve Roller addresses an underlying fear that permeates almost every writer in some way. "Am I good enough?"

The Success Secret Writers Can Learn from Attorneys

Steve Roller provides a partial solution to the problem many writers face: How do I achieve big fees?

Find an "Admiral's Club" for Copywriters

Steve Roller provides a great shortcut to feeling like an expert copywriter.

Give Yourself a First Class Upgrade

Steve Roller lays out a path to go from novice to expert in the copywriting world.

Big Commitments Trigger Big Results

Like mountain climbing, copywriting can be a big endeavour. Steve Roller gives you some tips for creating a plan to climb that mountain.

Find a Void in the Marketplace and Fill It

Steve Roller knows the initial vastness of the copywriting world can be intimidating. Read on to learn how to quickly narrow it down and make your copywriting journey more manageable.

Join the New Generation (At Any Age)

Steve Roller extols the benefits of being open to new ideas and how they can improve your copywriting career.

AWAI Skills Trickle Down

Steve Roller is here to tell you about some unique dividends from AWAI and the resources it offers that will continue to pour in for years to come.

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Do you dream of the writer's life? Steve Roller did. Read on to find out how he made it a reality.

On Hemingway, Inspiration, and Acting on Big Ideas

Steve Roller discusses inspiration, and how you can find it to help push your copywriting.

Action Cures Fear. Do Something.

Now that you're your own boss only you can tell you what to do. Steve Roller has some tips for dealing with what can be a scary realization.

What to do With Good Advice

Steve Roller has some advice...for getting and using advice!

How to Gain Confidence (and Clients) When You're Low on Both

Steve Roller addresses the root cause of most writers' slumps: a lack of confidence.

Conquer Roadblocks Like Suzanne Somers

Steve Roller talks about Suzanne Somers, whose story fits in well with the theme this week: overcoming challenges, getting out of ruts, and finishing strong.

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