The $5.1 Trillion Christian Industry
Is Urgently Looking
For Copywriters Like You

Learn how your Christian beliefs can give you
an unfair advantage with companies like
Walmart, Aflac, Tyson, and thousands of others.

Dear Fellow Christian,

Hello, Joshua Boswell here — ordained minister and father of 11 children.

I’m writing to you today because you are urgently needed in the Christian market.

Major faith-based companies and organizations around the globe are waking up to the fact that they are 15 years behind in technology, marketing, and copy.

They are losing money in waves.

Even worse, they are losing souls.

They have a mission to bring souls to Christ. They want to spread joy and peace … but their copy and websites are so bad that people are ignoring them.

The loss of money and souls needs to end … and they finally “get” it.

Because of this, they are actively looking for people like you … skilled writers who can help them catch up. They need strong Christian copywriters — writers of faith who can talk about Christ with passion in their voice … and persuasion in their copy.

Especially since major Christian players like Walmart, JetBlue, and ServiceMaster have proven good copy pays billions.

Smaller fish now want to follow their lead. They are willing to pay Christian copywriters like you serious fees to help move them forward.

Six-Figures as a Christian Copywriter

Five years ago, I counseled other writers to stay out of the Christian market if they wanted to make real money.

Today, that has all changed.

In fact, if you follow my proven system, I can guarantee you will find Christian clients who will pay you thousands for your copy.

I am 100% confident anyone can take AWAI’s new program, Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market, and become a six-figure copywriter.

Here’s why …

The Christian Market is Waking Up — Finally!

The numbers are in …

Big Christian-owned businesses who understand the value of good marketing — like Marriott, Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, Mary Kay, and Tom’s of Maine — are winning in today's marketplace. But their victory isn't just about dollars …

It's about eyes, ears, hearts, and minds.

As these businesses thrive, people pay attention. They see the sales numbers and the values behind them … and they're interested in finding out more.

That interest — that opening for a conversation about faith and values — is what Christ-centered organizations hope for when they open their doors …

They get more interest as they get more successful — and they can only be successful if they have good marketing and strong copy on their side.

But they don't want to hire just any old marketer to help them out …

They want writers who “get” it. Writers who understand what it means to be a Christian. Writers who live their Christian values and want to help spread God's message in the world.

Writers like you.

And all you need to do is learn how to connect with them and use your skills to meet their needs.

That's where I come in …

Your Quick-Start Guide To Christian Copywriting

“I have observed firsthand, and more closely than most, how he conducts himself with his employees, clients, and business associates. He is a man of impeccable honesty. He is open and forthright with everyone I have seen him deal with. He is deeply loved and appreciated by many, many people, especially those that work closest with him.” 

— Annette Higbee, President
Anna Bouche Clothing 

I'm going to make it very easy for you to become a top-notch Christian copywriter.

AWAI’s updated program, Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market, will show you how to have a six-figure income and personal fulfillment as a Christian writer.

Not five years from now …

Or even 12 months from now …

In just 6 months!

How can I say that?

Well, I'm going to give you my personal 25-week, step-by-step guide to transforming your business.

I'll show you exactly what to do to find clients, connect with them as a Christian, and use your copy skills to get them the results they need now.

I know it works because I've done it … and I've helped dozens of other copywriters meet their goals using this exact system.

But that's not all I'll give you to help you out …

I've also created eight special training videos just for this program.

You won't find this material anywhere else! Over two hours of custom video training just for you, with special lessons on:

  • Introducing the Christian Market
  • The Power of One
  • Finding Your Unique Voice and Writing with Style
  • The Blessings of Writing for the Christian Market
  • Online vs. Traditional Writing for Faith-based Organizations
  • How to Close a Deal with Easy Conversations
  • Attracting Clients to Your Business With a Gap Letter
  • Linear Growth vs. Quantum Growth on Your Path to Success

These videos talk about the unique benefits of working with major Christian players …

 … how certain copy skills will give your work an edge above the competition …

 … and how you can attract more values-driven clients to your business.

There's no other program that has this same material — I've made it all for you, based on my experiences working with major charities, Christian retailers, and church-based community organizations.

And all of these extras are on top of the more than 200 pages I've put together for you in the main body of the program — pages that let you look inside the real world of Christian copywriting.

I've included templates, sample query letters, and ready-to-use copywriter service agreements, all to help you see:

  • How your work changes lives for your clients … and the millions of people they serve all over the world.
  • Why the Christian market has a nonstop need for strong copy so you'll always have as much work as you want.
  • Which proven Christian copywriting tips you can use right now to do any project with confidence.
  • How the higher standards and values of a Christian life show themselves when you work for Christian clients.
  • Why you should be joyful about the financial abundance you'll get from your copy — and how to use that abundance for even more good in your life.

Don't Wait To Make A Difference!

“Last October, we faced a major crisis. We were short on donors, funds, and manpower. So, we turned to Joshua Boswell for help. In less than 45 days, he produced a newsletter for our donors, a voter guide that went out to more than a hundred thousand homes, and created the most incredible prospecting effort we have ever seen … over 2,500 new donors.”

— Julie Millam,
Executive Director
Montana Family Coalition 

Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market speaks directly to the urgent need the Christian industry has for top-notch writers.

They've spent enough time behind the curve, and they're desperate to catch up.

Because if they don't find a way to reach people and stay relevant, they don't just lose sales.

They lose souls.

They can't afford to wait much longer … and neither can you.

Why waste your time chasing clients in other niches when this one is so hungry for what you can do?

Why put off your personal prosperity when you can make a good living helping organizations you can support with your whole heart?

To me, it's an easy choice … especially since I've already done all the legwork for you.

You can have Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market for only $399 and you'll get

  • Over 200 pages of insider information about writing for the Christian market, including sample letters, templates, and proven copy techniques just for this niche.
  • The eight special videos I've created just for you — all built with your success in mind.
  • My 25-Week Success Roadmap with everything you need to do to take your Christian copywriting business from zero to six-figures in just six months.

“Joshua is the reason I'm where I am and I soak up every word he says. Thank you, Joshua!”

— Christina Gillick

“Joshua T. Boswell is the connecting factor — adds the spice and energy + enthusiasm to ‘get up out of your chair’ to ignore the demons and to do what has to be done to succeed.”

— JM Mueller
Bootcamp attendee

"Joshua set me on the right path to achieve my goals. I was floundering with my copywriting career and didn't have a clue what to do. Joshua gave me simple to follow, step-by-step instructions to launch my career and my confidence.”

— Brett Denton

And that's not all.

Anyone who's ever worked with me knows I love to give special bonuses!

So if you order now, I'll also make sure you get:

  • The names, addresses, and contact information of 100 prominent Christian businesses and organizations.
  • 25 examples of great Christian copywriting you can use to inspire your own work and give top quality to your clients.

Plus, to make sure you feel totally confident about this, my Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market comes with a rock-solid 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Buy the program now and try it for a full 60 days. If Christian copywriting turns out not to be for you — for any reason — just let the AWAI Member Services team know. They'll give you back every penny you spent.

There truly is no risk for you … but the blessings could be huge.

I've written a lot of copy over the years. But none of it has made me as happy and fulfilled as the copy I've written for the Christian industry.

I've been paid just as much — and sometimes more — than what I get for other projects. But the joy that comes from using my writing talents to spread God's message is almost indescribably wonderful.

And I want you to have that same joy and prosperity in your own life.

So take advantage and grab your copy of Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market now.

To your success,

Joshua Boswell

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