Something a little different …

"I want to make a difference."

One could argue that
copywriters do make a difference …

They do.
But not like this …

If you've ever done volunteer work …

 … you know exactly what I'm talking about.

You've seen the look of total gratitude on the faces of the people you're helping out.

You've experienced the deep appreciation they have for your kindness … and how thankful they are that you took the time to be there for them.

It's not why you do it of course.

But in the end, you wind up getting far more back than any time, effort or money you gave.

You get the nearly indescribable feeling of satisfaction that comes from helping out your fellow man.

It's a feeling that really drives home what it means to be human.

Now imagine if you could incorporate those great experiences and feelings of satisfaction into your day to day life – and make a good living for yourself at the same time.

That, in a small, but hugely important way, you could earn your livelihood through making the world a better place.

"I want to make a difference"

Those are the exact words Texas resident Kellie Craft used to explain why she jumped at the chance to help the local Fire Chief acquire funding for much-needed equipment for his fire station.

Kellie, a social media expert and SEO copywriter, says the local fire station receiving money creates "a domino effect" because it affects everybody in the area. She looks at it as not just helping to raise money for a worthy cause, but actually playing an important role in saving a family's home in the event of a fire or a life in the event of an accident.

Expressing how great it makes her feel, Kellie says …

"It's a feeling that you made a difference in a way that's different from other writing. It's not like 'I just made this company a lot of money and now all their employees will get bonuses.' It's a deeper sense of self-satisfaction. It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you're helping people out."

Another of Kellie's passions is early childhood education. She feels the public school system is not where it needs to be in America. In 2012, inspired by her 9 year-old daughter, she plans to focus a portion of her efforts on helping organizations get the funding they need to improve education in Texas.

My name is Katie Yeakle. I'm the Founding Partner of AWAI. If you’re not familiar with AWAI, we’re the world’s leading trainer of direct-response copywriters, web writers and graphic designers. Since 1997, we’ve been helping people acquire financial security, independence, and freedom through our comprehensive, step-by-step programs.

Today I'm going to talk to you about a writing opportunity that's a little different. It's not directly related to direct response copywriting or web writing – but it still has a few very important similarities. It involves writing, of course … it uses the power of persuasion … there's a huge shortage of qualified writers … and you make a lot of money doing it.

But there's another reason this is such a great opportunity …

And it might be the best reason of them all.

You see, as a copywriter you're often in the business of helping people out through turning their prospects into paying customers. You play a crucial role in the success of your client's business.

But as someone who writes proposals (commonly called "grants") for non-profit organizations that bring in money to help them continue their good work, you're doing your part to make the world a better, more compassionate place.

Kellie Craft says it best …

"As a copywriter we help people grow their business, but there's something about writing a successful grant that for me is overwhelming. It's a great feeling knowing you've made a difference in the lives of so many people."

And if feeling great about what you do wasn't enough, what makes grant writing so appealing is the sheer demand out there for qualified writers.

The numbers are staggering …

Hundreds of Billions Up For Grabs — Every Year!

According to the U.S. government and The Foundation Center, there are over $544 billion up for grabs each and every year from thousands of sources. (To put that number into perspective, its about what the U.S. Government spends on Social Security in a year — and about $40 billion more than what’s spent on Medicare and Medicaid!)

The BEST thing about being a grant writer is the adrenaline rush that you get when you receive funds for a worthy organization. Knowing that these funds would have gone elsewhere had it not been for MY efforts, and know that people that I have come to know and respect are benefitting from my Grant Writing, is a huge thrill.

– Bernadette Stockwell
Littleton, MA

Plus, there are the more than 75,000 foundations (according to The Foundation Center) that give away billions more every year — large organizations you may have heard of, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (with over $35 billion earmarked for giving — and upwards of $2 billion handed out each and every year) … all the way down to smaller, little-known family and community foundations set up to help places like local food banks and animal shelters with a few thousand dollars at a time.

Its money that’s available for such diverse things as cancer research … putting computers in schools … fighting childhood obesity … and even more obscure things like funding public skateboard parks in low-income communities. (It’s true — and you have skateboarder Tony Hawk’s foundation to thank!)

In other words, if a worthwhile organization needs money for any cause — there’s very likely an agency or foundation ready to give it.

And, all they’re looking for are structured proposals from serious (and skilled) grant writers who know how to follow the guidelines necessary to get the money.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Launch Your New Career

So what is the quickest and easiest way to be become a skilled grant writer?

To answer that question, allow me to introduce you to AWAI member and my good friend Toni Rockis.

In the 30+ years Toni has been a grant writer, she’s “arranged” for more than $68 million to find its way to mostly school-based organizations, which happens to be her specialty.

What’s even more incredible, she did it part-time — while holding down her full time teaching job.

In fact, grant writing has provided her with such a substantial extra income … that she recently left her teaching job to make grant writing (and helping you become a grant writer too – more about this in a minute) her full-time career.

It Can Be as Simple as Asking the Right People

Grant writing allows me to work from home and get my kids on and off the school bus every day. I didn't have to request permission to leave the office when my daughter was sick yesterday. And my writing helps nonprofits operate counseling programs and housing for the homeless.

– Bruce Ripley
Loveland, OH

To give you an idea of just what a “grant writer” does — and how simple the process can be once you know the ropes — let me share a story Toni told me.

She was leaving the local Post Office when she ran into a good friend of hers named Carol, who just happened to be the President-elect of her local school board. The two chatted, Toni congratulated Carol on her success and the discussion quickly turned to what some of the school board’s top priorities would be.

Without hesitation, Carol said one of the first things the board wanted to do was update the technology in the local elementary school, since the computers they had were very old and some weren’t working at all.

Knowing Toni had helped other organizations get cash, she asked if she “had any ideas” about where the schools might get the funding to do it.

“I think I do,” Toni said. “I’ll get back to you.”

When she got home, she opened up her computer and started searching through her well-established and complete database of government and private organizations and foundations with cash available for such projects. Within an hour she had a number of potential sources. She put together all the information and forms required and then called her friend Carol to set up a meeting.

Within six days, Toni helped the school board submit its proposal. A few weeks later, the school was awarded $377,256 for new computers and state-of-the-art technology for its students …

A $10,000 Check and a HUGE ‘Thank You’

For her efforts, Toni got a $10,000 check … plus, she was offered and accepted a $1,000 per month contract to research additional grant opportunities for the board.

But, what was most rewarding was being able to help her friend Carol fulfill one of the board’s goals — and the fact that all those kids would soon be benefiting from the money she helped them get!

And, it sure doesn’t stop there …

A few months ago, Toni collaborated with a colleague and wrote a winning proposal that got a group of state-level professional organizations access to $3.5 million dollars in project funding. Her company's compensation? A cool $19,200.

Among some of the other successes that have helped Toni earn six figures part-time while helping others:

  • She helped one of the nation’s largest urban school districts win a $12.5 – million-dollar federal grant for a School-to-Work project …
  • Another winning proposal brought $2.5 million to a community college to expand their program that serves students with intellectual disabilities …
  • Thanks to Toni's efforts one of her clients was awarded a $837,000 to provide incarcerated individuals with tools required to effectively transition from prison back into their home communities …
  • She authored a $343,000 system-wide proposal for a large urban school district that funded a Career Orientation Laboratory at the elementary school … a Career Exploration Laboratory at the middle school … and a Math, Science, and Technology Laboratory at the area vocational center …
  • She wrote a $129,000 grant proposal that funded an Instrumentation & Automation Lab for area vocational center students in a Midwestern metropolitan school district …
  • One of her winning proposals funded an $111,000 Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory for area vocational center students at a Midwestern school …
  • A winning proposal in the amount of $638,000 funded the development of Individualized Transition Plans for residents of mental health facilities in a large Midwestern state …
  • She wrote a winning proposal to get a $79,000 grant to build a Technology For Life laboratory in a small Midwestern high school …
  • She won a whopping $6,278,000 multi-year, state-wide grant to support vocational training activities for secondary and postsecondary students with special needs …
  • Her collaborative work won a multi-year HIV prevention project funded for $834,000 …
  • And many, many more …

It’s a long and growing list to be sure … grants of all sizes for so many groups and projects.

Its proof positive of the enormous need for money to fund specific projects. Plus it spotlights the big demand for people who can write the kind of grant proposals foundations and government agencies need to see in order to provide funding.

Any time you bring big $'s into an organization, it is going to make a huge difference to the organization and especially the people it serves. Besides once you get a series of winners, the demand for your services will grow exponentially.

– John M. Williams
Roseville, CA

Recently Toni was hired to write a proposal that took her about twenty days to write. She was paid $20,000.

Fantastic money right?

But that's just the beginning …

You see she was also commissioned to write what's called an "Annual Report" every year for this client for the next five years. An Annual Report is a report provided to the funder that documents where the grant money was spent and what objectives were achieved.

Since almost all funders stipulate that annual reports must be turned in to them, writing these reports is another way for grant writers to continue helping their clients, while adding to their income.

Each Annual Report takes Toni, on average, about six days to write. Her agreement calls for her to be paid $10,000 for each report. Over five years it amounts to $50,000 for approximately 25 days work!

In total that's $70,000 for about 45 days work!

Now of course, I'm not saying you'll have the same experience right out of the gate. Like any new venture this is a learning process. You'll be starting off small and working your way up to the "big leagues."

Toni recommends your initial strategy be to focus on "foundation grants."  Foundation grants are generally smaller (and tend to pay less,) but they are an excellent way to "learn the ropes."

Once you get a bit of experience under your belt and start building up your reputation, you can quickly move up to state and federal grants.

This is when your income starts to grow substantially. Within a few months, you could easily be on your way to making $60,000 or $70,000 per year. Once you get some experience under your belt, a six-figure income is extremely achievable.

So not only do you have the satisfaction of knowing that you're making a difference in this world by helping organizations contribute to the public good, you can make great money in the process!

Focus on an Area You are Passionate About

Remember, Toni’s specialty just happens to be schools. You can choose your own specialty organizations if you like — whether it’s helping protect endangered species … helping to encourage science and innovation among young people … or funding your favorite sports groups.

You can follow and work in the area you're passionate about. The area where you feel you can make the most positive impact by focusing your enthusiasm and excitement.

But here's the thing …

In order to be successful, there’s a specific and structured procedure to writing and submitting these grants that must be followed in order for your grant proposal to even be considered, let alone funded.

And, that’s where Toni’s expertise really comes in …

Three Steps to Grant Writing Success

Grant Writing Success is laid out in a very easy to follow format, and even includes mistakes to avoid and important contacts. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is even thinking about writing grants.

– Kellie Craft
Florence, TX

One of Toni's secrets to consistently writing winning proposals comes down to three fundamental steps to success …

  1. You match your clients’ organization with the appropriate grant agency or foundation …
  2. You follow the rules to the letter when it comes to the required grant proposal forms and paperwork  …
  3. You write persuasive copy that is clear, concise, and compelling — that will get your grant requests funded time and time again …

And, those are just three of the areas AWAI’s Grant Writing Success: Opening the Door to Financial Opportunity will guide you in your brand new grant writing career.

This I promise you …

There’s not a more complete resource that focuses exclusively on the grant writing process than this comprehensive program.

It’s designed to take you from where you are now — someone who may have never known about grant writing as a potential career before today … to having everything you need to open up your own business … and be ready to submit a successful grant application on behalf of any organization that approaches you.

Big Demand, Less competition

I was an experienced grant writer when I bought the course. Even so, Toni's tips for creating evaluation criteria sharpened my skills in that area. Without question, experienced and newbie grant writers alike will benefit from Grant Writing Success! I'm employed part-time by a non-profit and operate a freelance writing business, too. Grant writing comprises around 75% of my freelance work.

– Bruce Ripley Loveland OH

But, before I tell you what the program covers — and how it could potentially change your lifestyle from this day forward — I'd like to share with you a conversation I recently had with Toni.

I was asking her about her competition in grant writing.

Toni told me that there's such a lack of experienced grant writers she only runs into a competing writer about 10% of the time.


Imagine working in a niche where your competition is practically nowhere to be seen? Think how much less time you'd have to spend on marketing yourself. And how much easier it would be to find paying clients.

And this is not to say that the service that Toni provides is not in big demand. It is. There's simply a shortage of qualified writers who know how to do what she does.

Now keep in mind, the above percentage does not come from a scientific poll. It was just based on Toni's experience.

Now let's say your experience is different from Toni's. For every organization you call up you find you run into one of your fellow writers three times for every ten calls you make.

Those are still great numbers when you're looking for new clients!

And more importantly, there are countless organizations that really need your help in getting grant money, so you'll have countless opportunities to have a real impact on people's lives!

Make Money While Helping People

Learning how to write grants has given my wife and me the opportunity to work together doing what we like to do … help people … to grow, improve and change. A lot of people helped us and grant writing has helped us give back to society. Grant Writing Success is a great program. It’s easy to read and understand; primarily because it is so well organized.

– Roger Logue
Joliet, IL

Take Bill Hall from the town The Village, in central Florida. Bill says …

"I never really liked just making money for the sake of making money. I like making money and helping other people."

Bill, 62, who took an early retirement two years ago, was a clinical audiologist and ran a non-profit Speech and Hearing Center giving away hearing aids and providing speech therapy to the poor.  He also has a background in nursing home administration and two masters degrees: a Masters of Business Administration and a Master's of Education.

In 2011, Bill submitted nine grant proposals in total. So far, four have been awarded.  One was for Lord's Daily Bread located in Denver, another for a group that helps homeless people in Florida and the third and fourth were for New Beginnings also located in Florida.  Bill attended the ceremony for the grant award for New Beginnings...

"What a good feeling that I was able to help find funds to help solve the problems of homeless people and relieve hunger," he says.

The previous grant writer for Lord's Daily Bread did not get any grants funded. So it made Bill's success even more satisfying.

Especially because, according to Bill "they help people who are on the ash heap. They've totally given up and don't even have enough motivation to go to a soup kitchen to get something to eat. The people at Lord's Daily Bread are going out on a rescue mission to save these people."

Grant Writing Success helped me understand the process of grant writing and grant research. The techniques are very effective and the 90-day plan jump started me to get organized and begin my new career. I was surprised at the huge number of grants available from our own federal government.

I live in a retirement community where everybody was just making money for the sake of making money. They never thought about giving back. Since I've started to talk about my new grant writing career, they're starting to. Who knows, maybe we can change the world one person at time.

– Bill Hall
The Village, Florida

A Mission to Serve Others

"My personal mission has always been to serve others. It's probably because I've got a dual handicap," Bill says.

When he was 35, he was diagnosed with the eye disease retinitis pigmentosa.  Today he only has central vision. Bill compares it to seeing the world through a dimly-lit tunnel.  He was also born with severe hearing loss and now uses a cochlear implant. 

"It's been a tough road. A double whammy you might say. Life is not fair. God gives you ability. He gave me a brain and he gave me drive. I just keep pushing. I'm big on helping people because people have always helped me. Plus I've just always had the attitude to never give up."

When Toni's Grant Writing program came out in 2010, he immediately sent away for it. Previously he thought he knew a little about grant writing because of his previous work with non-profits, but upon going through Toni's program he realized there was a lot more he could learn about how highly effective grants should be written.

Bill says what differentiates Toni's program is that it really emphasizes the importance of knowing you're matching up the mission of the funder with the mission of the non-profit. He also likes the checklists Toni includes to make sure you're submitting a strong proposal for your client.

The Difference Between a
Sedentary Retirement and an Active One

Grant Writing Success is quite comprehensive. What I really liked about it is the strategies to actually start a business writing grants. I've attended many seminars and bought hundreds of dollars in books on grant writing, but none discussed how to find and manage potential clients.

– Bernadette Stockwell
Littleton, MA

"For me it's a good retirement supplement income. The money I make now is the difference between sitting at home looking at each other and watching TV and going out to play golf and going to the movies and all that," he says.

In January 2012, he plans to start helping a group get funding who has programs that train individuals who are blind to become professional massage therapists.

"My goal is to get six paying clients. I have four already.  I figure six will keep me working 20 to 30 hours a week and still give me time to enjoy Florida."

Helping Out Soldiers and Disabled Vets

The unemployment rate is around 9 percent right now. For disabled vets it's as high as 40%. There is a real shortage of jobs. I'm interested in helping people who really need help getting back into society.

– Mike Cooley
Tacoma, WA

Mike Cooley lives in the city of Tacoma not too far from the Canadian border in Washington State. He became a marine when he was still in high school. As a Vietnam-era Vet, he has a deep interest in helping out and working with disabled veterans.

Mike lives near an army base where there's are always people coming back from overseas who are disabled "because of IEDs and all the other stuff going on in Afghanistan and Iraq."

"A lot of guys come back and they really have a hard time adjusting back into society. They end up sleeping in their cars, battling addiction, not having a family life or relationship … it goes on and on. They end up ten steps behind everyone else," he says.

He adds …

"We do a good job promoting these brave individuals, but when something happens to them and we're done using them – what happens to them?"

A Casual Conversation Turns into a Great Opportunity

I’m a college professor, so grant money is important to keeping research funded. I’ve used some of the information I learned in Grant Writing Success to apply for grants for programs I'm working on at the college. I’ve also written a grant proposal that got funded for a non-profit organization on whose board I sit.

– Barb Jolly
Louisville KY

For the past ten years, Mike worked for a leading courier company. He says it's an "Ok job," but not what he wants to do the rest of his life.

He's very impressed with Toni's program …

"It basically walks you through how to set up a grant writing business from scratch. It's very well organized. Toni includes some good examples of winning grant proposals and suggests how you set up your proposal formatting, how to work with different groups or school districts and so on."

Mike has a wide variety of interests and is eager to help out in any way he can. His goal is to quit his courier job one day and devote all his time and energy to writing grants and doing his part in making the world a better place.

A business associate of Mike's sits on the board of one of the local hospitals. Knowing he was pursuing grant writing, he told Mike about some grant writing opportunities coming up at the hospital and volunteered to introduce him to some of the board members.

So even before he'd finished the program, an opportunity presented itself to Mike through a casual conversation!

Learn From an Expert who Knows how to Write Winning Grants and has the Track Record to Prove It.

This is the most comprehensive instructional program about grant writing that I have found so far. Toni Rockis should be commended for her efforts.

– Edward Talley
Glen Allen, VA

You'll be learning from one of the most successful grant writers in the business.

What’s truly extraordinary about Toni is that in all her 30+ years of writing grant proposals, she has only been turned down six times.

In an industry where there are certain to be disappointments, and where a successful grant writer can proudly boast about a 70% success rate, Toni’s record is extraordinary … a better than 93% history of success.

Think she doesn’t know a secret or two about getting a grant proposal funded? You bet she does …

And in this program, she reveals all her best secrets — and shows you how she achieves this consistent level of success, proposal after proposal.

All you have to do is do what she does, follow her advice and direction, and mimic her successful examples …

With Toni's Grant Writing program you will have everything you need to tackle Community and Family Foundations all the way to corporate proposals and large Government grants.

– Suzanne Mulligan Born Grimsby, Ontario

In a matter of no time, you’ll have an impressive list of successful grant proposals of your own. Imagine, being able to go to any client and tell them with the utmost certainty: “Yes, I’m confident I can you help you find funding for your project,” and then showing them your long list of successes?

The special knowledge you’ll learn from this amazing program will give you that decisive edge — and let you take your grant writing career as high as you want.

Whether it’s something you’d like to do part-time for worthy organizations in your hometown — or take on as a whirlwind career, the choice is entirely up to you.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn through this exciting program:

  • How to virtually assure your proposal's success — Toni dissects how grant proposals are scored … and reveals secrets for getting your proposal in the 90th percentile with reviewers.
  • The 12 key components of a grant proposal and the role they play, how they’re weighted when scoring a grant proposal, and why no grant writer can ever afford to “screw up” even one of them …
  • Grant Writing Success is well-written … an excellent primer for becoming a successful grant writer … and an excellent tool for getting established in the field of grant writing.

    – John M. Williams
    Roseville, CA

    The Ultimate “Number One Rule” of grant writing. Without it, your chance of success is practically zero.
  • Why your proposal’s introduction can make or break your grant request — and how to use very basic ‘rules of copywriting’ to ensure success …
  • Writing the ultimate “Need” statement — four key elements that should be included in every proposal you write …
  • Toni’s “gateway” to over 1,000 government funding agencies (and 75,000 private foundations) just waiting to hand out billions in cash …
  • 27 Success Samples from Toni’s winning grant proposals — examples you can use to model your proposals after (plus where to find more winning proposals from other successful grant writers)
  • Getting (and keeping) clients … Toni’s very own “guaranteed-to-work” strategy for never running out of clients or funding proposal opportunities …
  • Must-have websites when it comes to finding and securing state and federal government agency grants …
  • How to get (and use) client contracts for "additional writing services" to secure a six-figure income with just three active clients …
  • How to structure your compensation as a grant writer so no organization can ever turn you down — plus the secrets to knowing what you can charge to secure any size grant project …
  • How to get your client’s request for funds in front of the right funder (many "staff-generated" proposals fail because untrained grant writers don't know how to match the organizations that needs money to the funder that has money!) improving your chances for success ten-fold, right from the start …
  • Why writing “foundation grants” is the best way to gain insight and experience for any new grant writer …
  • 10 common grant writing mistakes — and how to avoid them. Save time and money by learning from other people's mistakes …
  • 14 characteristics of a strong proposal — Most "part-time" grant writers simply don't know what makes a grant effective, but you will …
  • Dozens of secret tips and resources you won’t find anywhere else … resources you can use to boost your success, speed up the grant writing process, and gain more clients …
  • Organizations you can join to enhance your professional standing — You'll be part of a community that will welcome you with open arms …
  • Grant Writing Success is a great program for those who are new to grant writing and those who have experience. It was put together by someone who has the experience and is willing to walk you step-by-step through the process.

    – Joan Junker
    Arlington, TX

    Proposal “checklists” you should follow, to make sure you never miss a crucial element …
  • You'll receive a 30/60/90 day action plan – Follow this simple plan and you’ll know exactly what to do next, week after week during the coming three months
  • And much more …

The important thing to know about this program is that once you own it, you have everything you need to succeed. It’s like having your very own “grant writing franchise” right at your fingertips — a virtual “blueprint” to being successful in the grant writing business.

It shows you how to set up your grant writing business … teaches you the simple skills you need to know … plus added “tricks of the trade” that can get your work noticed by non-profit organizations across the country.

You’ll be furnished with samples of successful grant proposal and templates — samples you can use to model your proposal after.

You’ll learn how to get your first grant writing job — and build up a list of clients so you never run out of grant writing opportunities.

How You Get Paid

You’ll also learn how to charge for the work you do. Plus Toni talks about three ways you can be paid as a grant writer:

  • There’s the freelance route. You hook up with an organization that needs money for a specific project. You determine they need a state government grant of, say, $350,000. A fair market freelance fee for an experienced grant writer would be in the $10,000 range for a grant of that size. Note: Although, you obviously want your grants to be successful every time, the grant writer gets paid whether the organization they wrote the grant for is awarded the money or not.
  • You offer your services on an hourly basis. You're paid for the time you spend meeting with your clients, researching the grant, and writing the proposal. Typical hourly rate for a professional grant writer? As a complete “newbie” you can charge between $25-$50 an hour, and between $75 and $100 an hour after you get a few winning grant proposals “under your belt.”
  • A third option (and remember, these and others are detailed in the program) is to go under contract with an organization. This is where a non-profit organization essentially pays you to be “on the lookout” for funding opportunities — plus, you also get paid for writing proposals for them.

I Can’t Think of an Easier or More Rewarding Career

Which is why everyone here at AWAI is so excited about Toni's program and the opportunity it represents for our members …

  • With the right tools and the kind of “insider” information you’ll get from Toni, it’s easy to learn and won’t take long to master …
  • It pays extraordinarily well …
  • Anyone willing to learn can do it …
  • It’s the ideal “retirement” job … a perfect way to supplement any income …
  • It’s a perfect home business …
  • There’s HUGE demand for the skill …
  • The sources for funding are virtually unlimited …
  • It’s so flexible … you can do it part-time or full-time, or combine it with your copywriting …
  • Potential clients are everywhere — find them online, or right down the street in your own hometown …
  • Your clients will love you for the work you do …
  • You'll be making a real difference — it's something we all want to do … make a difference and have a positive impact on the lives of other. Grant writing is a highly rewarding career.

It’s because of the sheer potential of grant writing — and the impact it can have on so many lives — we’ve spent so much time perfecting it — more so than any other program since we launched our flagship Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

Toni has been amazing. Through the entire process, she has dug deep to come up with every secret, every tip and technique, she’s used throughout her career … so you can get the benefit of her 30+ years of experience in grant writing in just a few short months.

But, perhaps the best (and most useful) parts of this program are templates you can use freely as your own, and the sample winning proposal (a state proposal and a foundation proposal) — that time and time again – as you develop your own award winning proposals.

Learn Toni's techniques and strategies — model your proposal after proven winners — submit them — and then just sit back and wait for the call telling you "Your grant’s been funded!"

It’s that simple!

And not only have we jammed the program full of all the industry secrets, we’ve made it super affordable, too — normally just $497 for what is essentially a full-blown “business” you can start up in your home. One that can pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars in income year after year … and immeasurable amounts in terms of job satisfaction and personal reward.

And, consider this …

You probably have an organization in your own town looking to fund a project … or maybe you’re involved in an organization yourself that’s in need of money.

Imagine being able to go to them and say: “You know that $100,000 you need for that project you have planned? I’m confident I can help you get it … let me show you how.”

Needless to say, they’ll be thrilled to give you the opportunity and, given that you can make anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 for a grant that size, the money you can earn from your first project alone will pay for the modest cost of the program …

And, because there are no ongoing expenses associated with this kind of work, every dollar you make from there on out is money you can spend on anything you like!

But, here’s some more great news …

Try it Risk Free for 365 Days

If after spending some time at it, you decide that grant writing simply isn’t your cup of tea — not a problem. Just shoot us a note within 365 days of signing up and we’ll “deactivate” your program password and refund your purchase price in full, with no questions asked.

I hope by now you can see how Grant Writing Success: Opening the Door to Financial Opportunity really can be a life-changing program for you.

It’s the ideal way for you to have the writer’s lifestyle you crave: the freedom of working from home, not having to be anywhere each and every day … the ability to work when you want and play when you want …

It’s a great way also to have the income you’ve always wanted … a few thousand dollars a month if you just want some extra money to pay down some bills, put away for retirement, or just play with …

Or, if you like, turn your grant writing career into a full-time enterprise where you can earn six-figures and still have plenty of time to yourself.

And, don’t forget just how rewarding a career helping organizations and people in need can be. I can tell you … its one thing to write a strong sales letter and sell a million dollars worth of something …

The “Real” Reward of Grant Writing

 … But, it’s another thing all-together to have the skill and knowledge to submit a wonderfully-crafted grant proposal that brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars — money that can help a child get a better education, put an unemployed man back to work, or help a single mother and her child have a better life.

Money aside, that’s one of the true rewards of grant writing …

And, it’s why I hope you decide to give this wonderful and noble profession a try.

And when you do, you’ll have our word — Toni’s, mine, and everyone here at AWAI: We will do everything we can to make sure you have everything you need to be successful in this very exciting, very in-demand, and highly rewarding world of grant writing.

Call 866-879-2924 to get signed up for Grant Writing Success: Opening the Door to Financial Opportunity now … or click here to order online.

However you choose to sign up, you’ll have access to the program — and your new career — within days.


Katie Yeakle
Executive Director, AWAI

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