Don’t write another word of copy until you’ve seen …

The Richest Resource of
Copywriting Secrets
for Today’s Market

 … because what worked yesterday won’t work today.

Here are all the latest, most up-to-date
techniques, formulas and rules for writing
powerful, persuasive copy from one of the
Masters of the direct-marketing world!

Dear Reader,

It’s simply astounding …

We’re seven years into the 21st century, and some copywriters are still writing promos like it’s the 1980s!

Starting letters with “Dear Friend” … referring to people in their 60s as “seniors” … not promising fast delivery … using overly formal copy … failing to write simply and clearly.

The list goes on and on. And in the next few minutes I’m going to give you specific tips to make sure you don’t make blunders like these in your copy.

I’ll also show you how to boost the power of your writing, so your readers are eager and willing to respond to your sales message.

You see, what worked as recently as 10 or 15 years ago just won’t cut it today.

Yes, things do change that rapidly — especially in the online world.

And while the principles you learn from AWAI’s copywriting program are still valid, you have to keep up with changes in attitudes, adjust your writing style for today’s readers, and carefully choose words for maximum impact.

If you don’t, you’ll never create a blockbuster promotion.

But when you understand what makes today’s readers respond … when you build your sales argument using up-to-date techniques … when you choose words that evoke the right emotion in your readers, then Wow! …

Your Copy Will Be Firing on 12 Cylinders!

People react to copy and marketing techniques differently from one generation to the next … even from one year to the next.

If you want to drive response through the roof, you need to understand everything it takes to write effective copy today.

And that presents a challenge.

A lot of our members struggle with these issues, because they’re missing some vital pieces of the copywriting puzzle.

So we thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could put in your hands a resource that covered all these issues — everything from the current “Rules of Copywriting” down to the tiniest word choices that affect response?

Of course!

And we asked ourselves, “Who can produce the ultimate resource of 21st-century copywriting for our members?” The obvious choice — Herschell Gordon Lewis.

A Legendary Copywriter Shares His Secrets With You

In the world of direct marketing, Herschell Gordon Lewis is a legend.

He has sold everything from collectibles to health products to computer software. And he was elected to the Direct Marketing Association’s Hall of Fame — an honor shared by just a few celebrated marketers.

Herschell created “Secrets of Writing for the Catalog Market” for AWAI, and he has written dozens of books about direct marketing and copywriting. I see many of them around the office here that our writers refer to regularly.

Most importantly, Herschell can tell you what’s working in copywriting right now.

In short, no one else is more qualified to give you a complete program of current copywriting laws, principles, rules, and examples. That’s why we had to ask him to share all his secrets with our AWAI members.

The result …

Creative Rules for the 21st Century
the Richest Resource of Copywriting Secrets
for Today’s Market

“Creative rules”? Absolutely. Not only can rules apply to creativity, rules should apply to creativity … especially if you’re writing sales copy.

And every rule in Herschell’s program has one purpose — increased response — which ultimately leads to bigger paychecks for you.

After all, your job as a copywriter is to persuade the reader to take a specific action as a result of reading your message.

Simple? Hardly!

You have to be a bit of a psychologist and understand how your words affect the reader.

For example: In the call to action, should you ask your prospect to “please reply” or “please respond”?

Herschell tells us that “reply” will invariably outpull “respond.” Why? Because it seems like less of a commitment.

Tips, Guidelines, and Principles to
Immediately Make Your Copy Stronger

With this resource at your side, you’re an instant expert, because it gives you easy-to-apply rules that few other copywriters know — rules that can save you time, increase response, and make you money.

And many of these have never been combined into a single resource before.

You’ll learn the Three Components of Successful Copywriting … the Five Great Motivators that get prospects to respond … the Cardinal Rule of Envelope Copy … and the one copywriting “Commandment” you must obey above all others.

Follow just a few of the rules Herschell describes and you’ll be far ahead of the crowd. You’ll immediately know how to create stronger, more persuasive copy than many high-paid writers at the big agencies.

As proof, Herschell includes actual ads from professional copywriters, points out what’s wrong with them, and shows how you can easily do better.

Creative Rules for the 21st Century also gives you tips for writing online copy.

You’ll get the Five Rules for Web Copy … Nine Quick and Easy Rules for Email … 14 subject lines you can adapt for your specific offers … the key to fewer opt-outs … and a rule that’s been tested time and again, and which has become mandatory in the Internet era.

An Arsenal of Little-Known
Psychological Tools at Your Fingertips

Each word choice you make can skew your reader’s reaction by a tiny bit. Added up, they all make a huge difference in response. It’s like a ship heading for harbor 500 miles away — an error of just one degree in direction means missing the harbor by miles.

Worse, one wrong word in your copy can make the reader put up a mental barrier without even knowing why.

For example, avoid the words “senior” or “retired” even if you’re writing to the seniors market. These days, people in their 60s don’t feel like they’re seniors … and not everyone that age retires. In Chapter 8 of the program you’ll find out when it is okay to use these words.

Another no-no — mentioning “budget” in a fundraising appeal. Herschell has dedicated an entire chapter to the ins and outs of writing fundraising copy.

In Creative Rules for the 21st Century, Herschell shows how you have to be in command of every word … every nuance … and every reaction by your reader. And he gives you dozens and dozens of examples to boost the power of your copy.

Here are a couple more for you …

While many writers would use a phrase like “cholesterol-free,” Herschell tells you that a better choice is “no cholesterol.”

And to make your reader feel special, don’t say they are “among” a select group. Instead, say they are “one of” a select group. Herschell’s First Great Law explains why.

If you want up-to-the-minute advice on what to use in email subject lines … envelope copy … Web pages … banner ads … sales letters — you’ll find it in Creative Rules for the 21st Century.

You’ll also find …

Sneaky “Tricks” Every Copywriter Should Know

As you’d expect from someone who’s been writing copy for five decades, Herschell has a few tricks up his sleeve.

For example …

The Parity-Superiority Rule shows you how a smart copywriter can apparently claim superiority in a product or service without actually making a claim anyone could dispute. Brilliant … and it works!

Or suppose you need to tell your reader to take a specific action. Herschell’s tip: Adding the words “will you?” turns a cold command into a warm request.

And you’re aware that using specifics in your copy usually has more impact than generalities. But there’s one exception to this rule every copywriter must know. See Chapter 12 for more..

In Creative Rules for the 21st Century Herschell also shows you …

  • What’s working on envelopes today … and what not to say — including one of the most abused words any envelope can carry. (By the way, “official” is almost always a response-booster.)
  • Why you shouldn’t use “Dear Friend” anymore — and 14 suggestions of what to use instead.
  • Three little words that immediately melt the reader’s objection to a statement he might otherwise reject.
  • What never to put on a lift note — a common mistake writers make that destroys the impact of the lift note. Avoid this at all costs.
  • Six appeals to use when writing to seniors … 12 “no-no” words to avoid when writing a fundraising appeal … and 12 “power words” that get donors to respond.
  • Looking for something with more impact than “new”? Try, “First time offered.” Want something even more powerful that’s sure to get attention? Turn to Chapter 6.

Creative Rules for the 21st Century Makes You
a Much More Skillful Writer

With this program, you immediately have the tools to become a master wordsmith.

And where other writers would just use a word that’s “close enough,” you’ll know how to carefully choose the words your audience will respond to.

For example, do you know the difference between “immediately,” “at once” and “right now”? One is more urgent than the others, but each has its use, as Herschell explains in the chapter on Word Use.

Another valuable tip from Creative Rules for the 21st Century: When promising fast action, “24 hours” seems a shorter amount of time to your reader than “next day.”

How many copywriters do you think know these little secrets? Probably not one in a thousand.

But if you want to be a top-notch writer … if you want to take your copywriting skills to the highest level possible … and if you want every promotion you write to be a smashing success … then you need to master every detail of writing powerful copy.

And Herschell shows you exactly what it takes to write effective copy today.

He shows you the rules, principles and formulas you should apply to every piece you write … how to choose stronger words and phrases … and how to adjust your style to each market you write for.

In short, Herschell helps you quickly become an expert copywriter.

And if you ever need a quick reminder, simply reach for your copy of Creative Rules for the 21st Century— the only place you’ll find all this information compiled together, in what could be …

The Most Up-to-Date Copywriting
Program You’ll Ever See

I have to be frank — this could be the most important and timely information you’ll see on writing effective copy for today’s market. And if I could get this into every copywriter’s hands, I would.

In fact, now when someone wants to write copy for AWAI, one question I’ll ask them is, “Do you own Creative Rules for the 21st Century”?

Because if they do — if they keep this resource by their side and use it — then I know they won’t make common writing blunders … or use out-of-date copywriting techniques … or be sloppy about their word choices.

Their copy will be stronger, more persuasive and much more likely to bring in the orders.

And if you want to write any kind of copy today, then you must have Creative Rules for the 21st Century. Without it, you could be writing outdated copy and not even know it!

And if you don’t keep up with the changing trends, your copy has practically zero chance of becoming the control.

You and I are incredibly fortunate that Herschell has agreed to share all his secrets now. But he felt the time was right to compile all this great knowledge he has.

Plus, he’s very enthusiastic about helping our copywriters get ahead. He’s been to our Bootcamps, has met a lot of AWAI members, and loves that so many people are becoming passionate about copywriting — a business he’s dedicated much of his life to.

And even having been in the business for more than 50 years, he still knows more about writing copy in the Internet Age than most 20-somethings!

Herschell is sharp, paying attention to details that other marketers miss. And he’s out there every day testing, testing, testing — so everything he reveals is a current, up-to-the-minute, proven-to-work technique.

He also has a great sense of humor and presents his material in an entertaining way. You’re never be bored while learning from Herschell!

And it’s such a treat to listen to him give a presentation, I want you to be able to …

Enjoy This Master Copywriter in Action —
as a bonus to this program

Herschell has spoken all over the world — in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai. And he gets rave reviews whenever he speaks at our events.

That’s why I’d like to give you access to two presentations of Herschell Gordon Lewis in action .

Bonus #1 — “Is the First Reaction to Your Message – Huh?”

In this live presentation from AWAI Bootcamp, Herschell covers some of the most crucial rules you need to know to write successful copy for today’s market.

You've spent countless hours writing the perfect sales letter for your client But how readable is it? Herschell will show you how to ensure your copy is clear and easy to understand. This is critical. If your prospect doesn't "get" your copy, they'll stop reading. That's why Herschell will also reveal how to make sure your prospective buyers read – and interpret – your copy the way you intended.

Herschell “lets it all hang out” as he punctures advertising myths and keeps the audience laughing with his witty observations and biting commentary like …

  • Warning: Prospective buyers always will interpret an unclear statement in a way that's most beneficial to themselves.
  • You are the poorest judge of the clarity of your message.
  • Yielding to the notion that a very appearance in social media will result in profit can be costly.

And, Herschell weighs in on web copywriting in this audio presentation …

Bonus #2 — Easy Keys for Overcoming Automatic Click-Outs and Shortened Attention Spans

In this presentation, Herschell talks about the online copywriting trends for the 21st century and the importance of adapting your marketing message to tough times. He emphasizes the vital Clarity Commandment, also featured in Creative Rules.

Herschell then gives you more rules for writing web copy … the difference between email and website copy … words and phrases to avoid … and much, much more, including …

  • How to achieve web marketing dominance
  • Keywords for powerful subject lines
  • Psychological mistakes to avoid in Internet copy
  • Techniques for avoiding “disappearance” at checkout

All told, these two bonuses give you nearly two hours of Herschell Gordon Lewis providing you with tons of real-world, no-nonsense tips you can put to use right away in your own copy.

That’s why online access to these presentations is included when you order the power-packed program Creative Rules for the 21st Century.

The cost? It's just $299. A bargain when you consider that this represents a lifetime of knowledge and experience from one of today's most successful copywriters.

It truly is the ultimate resource of copywriting secrets, in a full e-book of 239 pages.

And what’s more, you also get …

Valuable Tips to Boost Your Career

Herschell gives you three sentences to say when a client asks, “Have you written this kind of copy before?” — and you haven’t. You’ll feel confident approaching new clients when you know how to handle this objection.

You’ll also learn how to avoid prospects who want to lure you into the “something for nothing” trap.

And if you’re wondering what you should charge, just turn to page 9 for a list of suggested fees for 14 different kinds of assignments — everything from letters and catalog copy to radio spots and email.

Plus you’ll learn three words that should never enter your negotiations for payment. Avoid these if you don’t want to appear unprofessional.

Herschell even gives you tips on when you should turn down a copywriting assignment … and what to do if you have to take on a job you don’t like.

All in all, you’re going to find this an incredibly valuable resource to keep at hand.

In fact, I guarantee it …

If you don’t find Creative Rules for the 21st Century to be jam-packed with copywriting tips and techniques you can put to use … if you don’t think the easy-to-follow rules will help you to write stronger copy for today’s market … and if you aren’t completely thrilled with learning the little-known secrets that help you fine-tune your copy … then we’ll happily refund the entire cost of the program!

That’s right. Put Creative Rules to use for a full 30 days. If you don’t agree it’s worth every penny, just phone Member Services for a no-questions-asked refund at 561-278-5557.


Katie Yeakle
Executive Director, AWAI

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