AWAI's SEO Copywriting Mastery & Certification Program

You’re about to join an elite group of copywriters who write for the greater good — and also make money while doing it.

The Cause Marketing industry is a billion dollar business with an insane demand for quality copy, yet skilled copywriters for this niche are few and far between. Once you finish this program, you’ll be one of the few writing professionals in the world who thoroughly understands cause marketing. You’ll also have access to a whole new world of exciting and inspiring clients.

Copywriting for a Cause: How to Profit as a Writer and Make a Difference in the World explains exactly what you need to know about writing for the cause marketing industry. You’ll discover what types of campaigns are out there, how writing needs vary based on project type, and where to find clients clamoring for your specialized skills.

Copywriting for a Cause
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Training Guides

What Makes a Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

How to Write Emails for Cause Marketing Campaigns

How to Write Web Copy for Cause Marketing Campaigns

How to Use Social Media to Promote Cause Marketing Campaigns

How to Optimize a Cause Marketing Campaign with SEO Techniques

Additional Materials

Glossary for Cause Marketing Program

How to Market Your Expertise and Find Clients

How and What to Charge

Pepsi Refresh Project Case Study

Subaru Share the Love Event Case Study