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Carol Parks

Carol L. Parks

Parks Copy & Consulting
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Web copy – landing pages, home pages, product pages, emails, and more – that drives clicks and orders to new heights. Direct response letters, sales letters, space ads, brochures, booklets, newsletters.


  • Health, finance, self-help, biz-op, and websites.
  • Copy I write promotes products and services like these:
  • Natural and organic supplements
  • Natural weight loss
  • Healthy & gourmet food
  • Healthy skin care
  • Fitness
  • Sports
  • Healthy pets
  • Financial fitness
  • Brain fitness (education)
  • Quality family relationships

If you’re a marketer in any of these sub-niches, I may be able to come alongside your marketing team to provide you with copy or consultation.

Clients Served: Mercola.com, Better Life Herbal, Triad Fitness, Todd Martin Development Fund, YGuide Publishing

Fees: Please request a quote

Payment Schedule: ½ of project total up front, balance due upon submission of final draft

Lead Time: Depends on the scope of your project and my current schedule. Normally 2-4 weeks, but rush jobs may be possible. Call or email to ask.


http://products.mercola.com/krill-oil-for-kids/ Alternative health products. This sample is one of hundreds of pages I’ve written for Mercola.com.

http://www.mercolahealthyskin.com/ Including the video scripting and all copy on this site.

Advertorial.pdf (PDF – 285KB)


It’s All About Sales… I offer you in-the-trenches sales experience obtained on multiple fronts:

  • Life insurance – widely regarded as the hardest thing on earth to sell. I did it in the late ‘90’s when I lived in Missouri.
  • Real estate – single largest investment most people make. I spent three years in the trenches just after 9/11.
  • Teaching piano – or in reality, selling the benefits of playing piano. It’s 95% about getting a child to buy into its value. After all, you’re competing with Game Boy, TV, a multitude of sports, and human laziness. It necessitates selling strategies every time you see the student… re-selling the parent continuously… and the ability to make complex concepts simple. Twenty-seven years here.
  • Natural health advocate – Passionate about health and fitness, I write a lot of marketing copy for alternative health. (I practice what I preach too.)
  • Parenting. If you’re a parent, you already know that with children, you sell every day. Convincing them to eat their veggies, take supplements, study hard, clean their room… I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea. I home educated all five of my children, even through their teen years. If you don’t think that requires salesmanship, well… try it sometime for the ultimate sales lesson.

For the past three years as a copywriter, I’ve specialized in generating leads and sales via the written word. I combine psychology and sales to bring a powerful boost to your business.

My Bachelors’ degree was earned at the University of Wisconsin.

References and Testimonials:

As the head copywriter for www.mercola.com, the world's largest alternative health website, I have worked with Carol Parks for about two years now. Her copy has always been top-notch, requiring very little revision. Additionally, she never misses a deadline and has a gift for bringing fresh new approaches to our product copy. I can't recommend her highly enough.

~Dr. Susan Nickerson, DC

Carol’s marketing sense is top-notch. Each job is done professionally, exceedingly well, but most importantly, on time. With the multitude of urgent projects that I’ve given her over the past two years, she has not once been late for a project.

She’s been an extreme pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for a writer, Carol’s the one you need.

~Tony Gill

More references available upon request.

Contact me or request a quote: Call or email me any time. The best time to reach me is generally from 12-4 Eastern Time, but you can leave a message at any time. I’ll return your call within one business day.

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