Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Henry Williamson

Henry Williamson

Location: Fairfield, OH
Professions: Copywriter
Specialties: Christian

Professional Background:

I've published seven books, In 1980, I wrote my first, "To Be Self-evident," At that time I was a manager for an international corp, I subscribed to "Congressional Quarterly." In 2002 I published "Race to Excellence," that one was responsible for my title "Race relations Guru." My primary niche is politics, Christianity, Parenting, and love, my leaning is conservative, my label is patriot. My most recent book was published October 2014 (revised 2015), the title is "Bridge to Success: A Parent's Problem Prevention Guide." The theme is as the subtitle states. The contents of the book was generated in 2011, since then tens of thousands have responded with awe and appreciation. The contents of the book remain free at; however, The book can be ordered from for less than $10.00. Either way, I'd appreciate you joining me. Best regards!

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