Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Laurie Piel

Laurie Piel

Location: Kansas City, KS
Professions: Copywriter, Researcher
Specialties: Christian, Fundraising

Professional Background:

I write engaging stories that inspire donors to take action and boost non profit fundraising revenues.

I learned and practiced the art of writing powerful, persuasive copy through the first-class copywriters of American Writers and Artists, Inc., and am an active member of the Professional Writers Association.

I can write copy - for virtually anyone, for any purpose- that connects emotionally with readers … but during my studies of writing copy specifically for nonprofits and fundraising, I discovered something important about myself:
Nonprofits consider me a "dream donor"- not only do I donate money monthly, I donate to more than one charity.

I've volunteered at certain nonprofits over the years. I largely helped by writing, printing, and emailing or mailing items for ongoing programs.

Because of my volunteer experience, I understand client confidentiality and tight budgets - and the many hats the paid staff must wear each day.

Tell their story... and change their world.

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