Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Janice Takashima

Janice Takashima

Location: Seattle, WA
Professions: Researcher
Specialties: Self-Help

Professional Background:

For 40 years, I turned stories into numbers in support of other medical professionals working to both save and improve the lives of children with cancer. Using medical records, I abstracted the information of interest to our study and turned it into code to be used in statistical analyses that were published in scientific and medical journals. It was a satisfying career which allowed me to exercise both my creative talents and my problem solving skills.

I retired to travel and live the creative life of reading, writing and needle arts. I enjoy writing reviews of books I have read. When I travel I enjoy sharing my observations and photos online. In my needle arts guild, I am responsible for our website and its content and our Facebook group.

For more than 9 years I have coordinated an online group for the regular practice of an attitude of gratitude. Providing content for this group not only supports my own practice but also enriches the lives of other members.

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