Inside AWAI Webinar and Q&A:
20 Copywriting Secrets from Mega-Million-Dollar Direct-Response Legends

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For the first time in AWAI's 26-year history — we're opening our "Masters Vault" to share 20 of the deepest discoveries about direct-response copywriting that WORKS.

During this Inside AWAI session, AWAI Executive Director Katie Yeakle joins three of today's top marketers/copywriters/copy chiefs: David Deutsch, Sandy Franks, and Guillermo Rubio. Together, they reveal their favorite secrets they learned from the legends of our industry and how they've used them to write promotions that generate millions of dollars in sales.

You won't just hear about these secrets … you'll see examples of how these writers applied them to different winning sales letters and breakthrough marketing campaigns, bringing them to life. Get ready to take lots of notes and apply these secrets to your own work on your own journey to A-list copywriter status.

And as always, they opened up the conversation to answer listeners’ burning questions about writing effective direct-response copy.

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