Inside AWAI Webinar and Q&A:
BIG Money Writing for Nonprofits and Other Good Causes

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There's a big misconception that there's no money in writing for nonprofits and other good causes. But when you pull back the curtain — the opportunity is absolutely massive. And only growing from here!

On our latest Inside AWAI session, BIG Money Writing for Nonprofits and Other Good Causes, AWAI Learning Chief Pam Foster will help bust the “no money” myth with Lisa Christoffel, Managing Editor of

Together they have decades of nonprofit experience and will show you how to tap into this underserved, high-paying $625+ BILLION-per-year niche. You’ll learn …

  • How to identify organizations and causes that PAY VERY WELL.
  • How you can make an excellent income writing about the things you're passionate about — whether it's wildlife, climate issues, sustainable practices, diversity and equality, housing, and more.
  • And how to build a satisfying and sustainable writing career in this win-win-win opportunity for writers, organizations, and the causes they support.

You don’t have to choose between “making great money” and “writing for good” …

See firsthand how you can have both. They even answered listener questions as well!

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