Instantly Leapfrog Over The #1 Obstacle to A Successful Freelance Career …

List BuildingSo many copywriters put off mastering this crucial skill until the last minute.

Just by knowing how to handle this aspect of the copywriting business — you can be successful faster … even if your copy isn’t up to the “A-level” yet!

So what is this skill that can change your freelance writing success track?

You probably already know what it is. And, if you’re like most freelance writers, you’re dreading having to deal with it!

Marketing yourself, attracting the clients you need to build an active, successful, and thriving copywriting business is something that makes many freelancers break out in a cold sweat.

But don’t worry …

It doesn’t matter how terrified you are about the moment you have to talk to your first client …

It doesn’t matter if you hate talking about yourself or selling your skills to a complete stranger …

It doesn’t matter how worried you are about not having a portfolio, experience, or even the skill to convince them to give you a chance …

With Nick Usborne’s new program, Marketing Confidence: Learn to Love Marketing your Freelance Business and Land Higher-Paying Clients with Ease, you’ll get a real and unshakable confidence that improves your entire business.

You’ll find it easy to:

  • Overcome procrastination and take action to go after the clients you want — the ones who value what you do and are willing to pay top dollar for it.
  • Use your message to make clients want to work with you (and only you) based on what you have to say — instead of your knowledge, experience, or samples.
  • Stop worrying about your skills or what people will think and instead feel positive, secure, fearless, strong, and confident.

Even writing will be easier because of your confidence in your skills and the value you know you provide to your clients.

You’ll learn how to grow your business by:

  • Understanding where you are right now so you can see the path to where you want to go. (This is important if you want to achieve your goal — whether it’s six-figures a year or a full-time income working just part-time hours.)
  • Presenting yourself as a true expert. (The “Apple” Secret will eliminate all your fears about whether or not you feel like an expert so you can focus on your message.)
  • Marketing your business in a way that feels comfortable for you — even if “you’re shy, extroverted, tall, short, green, purple, or anything in-between.”
  • Taking advantage of Nick’s proven ways to easily attract plenty of clients who know they want to work with you. (Remember, Nick did this without any experience, clients, business card, website, logo, or samples.)
  • Positioning yourself above your competition — even if they know more about freelancing than you. (Success isn’t just about your skills.)
  • Effectively pricing your services to earn more, get paid what you’re worth, work more efficiently (so you can work fewer hours), and be more productive (so you’ll make a higher income).
  • Creating and showing confidence in your value and the services you offer. Most freelancers don’t understand this and it leads to fees that are 10 times lower than what they should be.

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